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Since the inception of the San Pedro Sun Visitor Guide on the date above, we have had the opportunity to visit the most amazing Belizean places available -
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Ambergris Caye has steadily grown from a small fishing village to becoming the main destination for tourism in the country of Belize. Throughout the years, Ambergris has become the most developed part of Belize due to vast international investment. Because of this, it is has become the first choice when relocating or searching for a business dream in the great Caribbean.

Ambergris Caye, along with San Pedro, its only town, are committed to remaining the top travel destination. Catering to international visitors, as well as Belizean tourists, Ambergris Caye with its sensuous beaches, Caribbean breezes and cool azure waters welcomes you to sit, lay back or just enjoy the view.

Throughout the years, property values have steadily been increasing. Many have made this their home and/or have opened their business doors to the general public. With internet and international phone service available, communicating with the outside world has never been easier. Business – island style is a possibility and a dream we are certain you will enjoy fulfilling. Let us help make that a reality.

Imagine waking up with the sun rising above the turquoise waters, this could also be a possibility. With homes up for sale in the various parts of Ambergris Caye your perfect home is at your fingertips. Believe us, if it is not up to your specifications, reliable and professional contractors can turn it into a home you will never want to leave.

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Since the inception of the San Pedro Sun Visitor Guide on the date above, we have had the opportunity to visit the most amazing Belizean places available - Let us be your guide through Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret
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Belize – a culture melting pot. And, just as diverse as the many cultures who have chosen to call this their home, so are the many dishes being served in the various restaurants sprinkled throughout the caye. Whether you want something light, are starving, something sweet, or want traditional, believe us – Ambergris Caye has it all for you.
From the start of the day to the very end, a day in Ambergris Caye is simply delicious. Start your day with the traditional eggs, stewed chicken, beans and the favorite fried jack. However, with international fares scattered around, eggs benedicts with your mimosa is right at your fingertips as well.

Having the great Barrier Reef at our shorelines sure does make for the freshest most delicious seafood. You can go fishing in the morning and be having your "alive" catch by lunch. Most restaurants around the caye will offer you the best seafood around prepared in one of the countless varieties that there could possibly be. Be it grilled, fried, stewed, or marinated in lime, seafood will be one of the highlights of your trip.

Having had the honor and pleasure to have visited many of the local restaurants around the Caye, we know for certain that you will definitely find something that your palate will truly adore.

The traditional rice and beans, chicken and veggies (ordinarily served with potato salad).

If you are penny pinching, food found at many of the downtown “holes in the wall” are full of flavor and just as healthy as can be. Wanna splurge? Well, there is no shortage of steak, Italian and international houses that offer you five star dining under the twinkling stars while you enjoy the Caribbean breeze.

Fiery and hot as the very tropical sun, cool and refreshing as the sapphire waters that lap against the white beaches, Belizean food will appeal to all taste buds.

One mistake you can make is to go back home without trying the cultural dishes. The hudut (pictured above) is a traditional Garifuna dish. Traditional Garifuna cooking involves the use of a lot of fish, ground foods (such as the cassava and yams), coconut and seasonings.

With dishes served in diverse manners, finger licking is not the word to describe the blend of flavors. From appetizers to main dishes and ending in delectable desserts -- Food in Belize is beyond great. With so many choices a second, third and fourth trip to the country is a must.

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Hurricane Shelters
The annual Atlantic Hurricane Season is June 1st to November 30th each year. Plan now. If your home is located in an area vulnerable to flooding, storm surge, or higher-than-normal winds or if your home may not be able to withstand high winds even though it may not be in a vulnerable area, you should plan to evacuate in the event of a hurricane or severe storm.

The first point is to stay with friends or relatives whose homes are strong enough. If you must, then you may go to a public shelter. Learn where your shelters are located. Below find out the names and locations of shelters:

*Ambergris Caye - San Pedro Roman Catholic School
*Caye Caulker - Caye Caulker Community Center and Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School

*Belize City - All Saints School Buildings, Grace Primary School Building #2, Gwen Lizarraga High School Building #1, Pallotti High School, Queen’s Square Anglican School, Salvation Army Primary School, St. John Vianney School, St. Martin De Porres School, St. Luke Methodist School, St. Michael’s High School (Upper Flat), Trinity Methodist School

*Belize Rural - Bermudian Landing Multi-Purpose Bldg., Bermudian Landing RC School, Biscayne Government School, Burrell Boom Community Center, Burrell Boom Methodist School Bldg., Burrell Boom Nazarene Church, Corozalito Community Center, Crooked Tree Community Center, Double Head Cabbage Community Centre, Gales Point Community Center, Hattieville Community Center, Hattieville Government School, Ladyville Community Center, Ladyville Evangelical School (Upper), Ladyville Lady of the Way RC School, Lemonal St. Luke Anglican School, Lucky Strike Government School, Rock Stone Pond Community Center, Sandhill Pre-School, Santana Community Center
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