Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alex and Jamie get engaged in La Isla Bonita

Lovers visit San Pedro from all over the world for a number of reasons. The long sandy beaches, turquoise water, untouched nature, constant blowing gentle trade winds and all the many land, sea and air activities available, create the perfect location for a romantic getaway. Some come to celebrate their nuptials, some, their honeymoon; and some come just to get away from the hassle of their daily lives. On Wednesday, April 21, 2010, Alex Eaton shared his love for and commitment to girlfriend of five years, Jamie Meaut; on the dock at Tranquility House. Visiting from New Orleans, Louisiana, this couple chose San Pedro to be the location for the declaration of their love. A proposition was made, and Meaut accepted. (l-r) Alex, Jamie, and friends Cassie, Scott

Congratulations from your friends and family.

Gigi Harris wins awards

Young author and filmmaker Gigi Harris won first place for National Award in the USA for Young Filmmaker Documentary for the work she produced in the San Mateo Subdivision. Gigi held the gorgeous Oscar like trophy and thanked her parents, her teacher, her grand parents, Reel Spirit and the people of San Mateo.

At the end of the award ceremony, one extra award was handed down, the announcement said, "We would like to ask one film maker here today to come back down to the front. Gigi Harris would you please join me here???" With Gigi at her side, the director of Reel Spirit proceeds to talk about the movie she produced, and how it is impacting the community of San Mateo. Because of her amazing work, Gigi was presented with an "Inspiration Award." There was a thunderous applause, and then throughout the room people began standing up until the entire room was standing.
Gigi Harris is only 9-years-old.

Gigi is also a published author and in January of last year, she donated one of her books to the San Pedro Library. Miss Harris began her book when she was six years old, and then it was selected for publication when she was eight. The book is also illustrated by Miss Harris.The story, “Stella and Orion” is about two children who were both named after stars and become friends. There are 10 short chapters as you follow their lives, and each chapter has illustrations of the children in their escapades.