Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Delivery van crashes into beer truck

A delivery van had an unfortunate mishap early this afternoon when it crashed into the beer delivery tractor on Barrier Reef Drive. Luckily, no one was severely injured, as the driver only suffered minor lacerations. We urge everyone to drive safely, and with due care and attention.

Child Stimulation Ends with Parade

Culminating with a rowdy parade through the streets of San Pedro, Child Stimulation Month drew to an end. Children from ABC Preschool, Brighter Tomorrow Preschool, Little Angels Preschool and San Pedro Preschool were accompanied by great drumming from both the San Pedro High School and Isla Bonita Drum groups. Live music kept the children and their parents moving and grooving through town.

Brighter Tomorrow Preschool

San Pedro Preschool

San Pedro High School Marching Band

ABC Preschool
Isla Bonita Marching Band
Little Angels Preschool