Monday, May 9, 2011

Tanisha King wins The San Pedro Sun’s 2011 Easter Egg Hunt

The sixth annual The San Pedro Sun Easter Egg Hunt was quite the success this year. After a false start, the hunt took off without a hitch. Six eggs were hidden by the Easter Bunny within stories/articles – NOT in advertisements or in pictures. It took Tanisha King only a couple of hours after the newspaper hit the streets to call the office of The San Pedro Sun with the winning locations.
The locations were as follows: Page 2 – two eggs under the word “OOPS”, Page 4 – “connection”, Page 8 – “once”, Page 11 – “on”, and on Page 13, under the word “complicated”. According to Tanisha, she overheard a few people discussing the egg hunt while she was visiting the island (which she plans to move to) from the city. She started looking closely at the newspaper she had in her hands and from the moment she noticed the two eggs under “OOPS”, she was off searching for the remaining eggs. Her search helped her win the $50 gift certificate from Rapidito Loans, our sponsors for this year’s hunt. Congratulations Tanisha! To all our readers, look for the next hunt in 2012. This time, the Bunny will be sure to hide them properly!