Friday, December 3, 2010

View the Boat Parade at these fine businesses!!

The parade starts at 7pm from Boca Del Rio, and heads south to Caribbean Villas and back to the Municipal Pier/Central Park!!

BC’s – Happy Hour prices
Blue Iguana Grille
Blue Tang Inn
Big Daddy’s Beach Bar
Caribbean Villas – Turn Around Location
Crazy Canuks – Drink specials
D’Sea Grill & conv. Store – 15% off entrees
Holiday Hotel & Bar– happy hour from 4 til close
Lily’s Treasure Chest
Mojito Bar & Grill
Sunbreeze Suites– 50% off room rates – watch from your 2nd or 3rd story balcony
Tanisha Tours/Hurricane Bar
Pier Lounge – at the beach bar

SAGA HUMANE SOCIETY 3rd Annual “Photos with Santa”

Brave the Outdoors with Discovery Expeditions.

It is best to get an early start to allot enough time to have just the right experience with Discovery Expeditions’ adventures. This all day, fun filled activity sees you travelling from the tropical island paradise of San Pedro, through the city of Belize along the Western highway, through villages, and finally culminating at Caves Branch Outpost.

Discovery Expeditions provided The San Pedro Sun a chance to experience one of the many tours that they offer: Zip Lining/Cave Tubing. Richard of the local office, located on the dock at Exotic Caye Beach Resort, was instrumental in making all the arrangements for our day’s adventure.

We arrived at the San Pedro Belize Express water taxi at 6:45am for a 7:00am departure. There, we were met by a couple of smiling, welcoming baggage handlers who took our supplies for the day’s trip. At the office on the dock, we were given our round trip vouchers to board one of San Pedro Belize Express’ many comfortable vessels complete with cushioned seats and enclosed to provide shade from Belize’s usual sunny days.

An hour onboard the boat provided a scenic ride over calm, crystalline waters to Belize City. Once there, we were met by our tour guide, who introduced himself as Roberto Lopez. We were able to grab a quick breakfast from one of the many vendors at the terminal, and shortly after, we joined the remainder of our adventure team for the day, Katie and Nicki Smith.

We soon found ourselves in a spacious, clean, air conditioned van moving through the city streets heading for the highway. As we traveled, Roberto explained a little about our journey. The journey to Caves Branch Outpost was a 37 mile drive from Belize City, which saw us moving down the Western Highway and through the small village of Frank’s Eddy to our final destination at the Outpost. Complete with restaurant, bar, ample bathroom facilities and even your own private lockers, Caves Branch Outpost is ideally situated within the NoHoch Che’en National Park, just a stone’s throw away from your first zip lining platform and a five-minute walk from the river; making both activities super accessible.
The Zip Lining Team! Yeay!

Our first adventure for the day was Zip Lining. We found ourselves under a large canopy, occupied by hundreds of harnesses, gloves and hard helmets. Roberto announced that Elmer Ramos would be zip-lining guide for the adventure, and Elmer greets us all with a warm smile. In no time flat, we are suited with harnesses, helmets and gloves and we find ourselves walking up about 10 stairs to our first zip, known as the “Chicken Run”, this short and low zip gives newcomers a chance to decide whether they want to continue onto the following seven zips which gets higher and longer as you progress.
Gearing up for the Zip Lining Adventure!

Just one of the many gorgeous birds you have a chance to see while zipping through the jungle!
After braving the chicken run, all four of us decided that zip-lining was definitely an experience we were intent on seeing all the way through. Our true adventure began as we walked up about 200 stairs to our second platform. Stepping towards the edge as we get strapped to the cross cables, we’re somewhat scared as we look down and realize the height we are at.
Zipping through the Tropical Rainforests of Belize!

“Letting go”, allowing ourselves to simply fall! That is the hardest part. Once you can get yourself to do that, the adventure that follows blows your mind. Gliding at such a height, over foliage and alongside tropical birds, whooshing high above the ground on cables stretching 200 – 600 feet, the feel of defying gravity; it’s an experience that you simply have to have!

Elder Ramos, our zipping guide for the day!
With adrenaline pumping through our system, we head off to the outpost for our buffet-style lunch. There is a choice of green salads, pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw and fresh fruit, followed by white rice or rice and beans, and creamy cheesy vegetables. Then the bounty of meats: stewed chicken, beef and even beef patties. Even empanadas make the cut, as do fried plantains and steamed corn on the cob.

There is bound to be stimulating conversations at the lunch table after such an adventure. Needless to say, lunch was spectacular. Combined with good conversation and a delectable meal, lunch was truly a satisfaction.

The exquisite food provided by Caves Branch Outpost was absolutely delectable!

After that delightful meal, and with ample time to spare, we commenced our hike across the river, through the terrain that would lead us to our starting point for the Cave Tubing. Our next adventure would take us through the winding waterway through ancient caves once inhabited by the Mayas. Cave tubing is an all encompassing activity. Hiking across the river, through a pre-determined trail for about a half an hour; helmets, life vests and floating tube in hand, we journey through lush vegetations with informative stops, where Roberto volunteered explanations of the varied vegetation that surrounded us.

After about a half an hour, we arrive to our point of entry. The journey grants visitors a chance to take in the cave systems; dark, mysterious passageways through which an impossibly blue-green stream meanders. Stalactites and stalagmites pepper the caves and occasional squeaks and cold drips keep one alert and focused on the task at hand.

Maneuvering the flotation devices takes a little effort at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, and learn how to navigate either backward or forward, floating downstream becomes leisure time. The downstream currents carry you through your entire experience with just a little effort to steer the tube in the right direction. For the less adventurous, the guide offers somewhat of a train situation where you are attached to his tube. In this situation, all you have to do is simply lie there and take in the breath taking view of the caves’ roofs and the unbelievable formations that you come across.

With little light to no light in the entire length of the caves system, headlights are important, and offer such an insight to the travel methods used by the Mayans eons ago. As often explained by guides, the caves were used for all manner of things, including sacrificial rites, as a shelter during especially hard storms and hurricanes, and as a means of travelling from one area to the other, perhaps as escape routes.

Our journey downstream comprised of going through three caves systems, the middle one containing a loud, refreshing waterfall near the exit (or entrance if one were to look upstream). After several minutes of darkened pathways, slowly paddling downriver, the airflow generated from the falling waters was a welcoming refresher.

Following these mind blowing experiences, it’s time to return to reality; back in the city just in time to nab the last SP BZ Express water taxi heading to the island.

Caves Branch Outpost now offers a photo of your zip lining experience at no additional costs. Discovery Expeditions Belize Ltd. is a professional destination management services company dedicated to service, value, comfort, safety and excellence. Offering competitive prices while providing services that surpass all others, Discovery Expeditions is the choice for all your “Discover Belize” tours.
The scope of service offered by Discovery Expedition covers the entire country with offices in several locations, including at the International airport and in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. The main office and reservations center is located in Belize City and is opened all year round. Discovery Expeditions represents all major hotels and resorts throughout Belize; as well as, domestic airlines, land transfers, tour operators, dive operators and all other tourism based services available in Belize.

Discover Expeditions Belize has been in operation for over 25 years and features a well informed, professional staff. Among the trips offered are Lamanai & New River Safari, Cave Tubing and Aerial Trek, Xunantunich, The Belize Zoo, Wildlife River Rafting, Altun Ha, Rainforest ATV & Kayaking, Robinson Crusoe’s Jungle Adventure with Rappelling and Mayan Caves and many more. If you can think of a trip you’d like to do, Discovery Expeditions is able to accommodate you. They are also the franchise in Belize for SNUBA. Discovery Expeditions may be reached at, or at telephone 226-2882.

Another Change in Butane Prices

Belmopan, 2nd December, 2010- The Supplies Control Unit in the Ministry of Economic Development, Commerce, Industry and Consumer Protection is hereby informing the general public that effective December 3rd, 2010 the new controlled price per hundred pound cylinder of butane is as follows: