Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Businesswoman found dead

At around 12:27pm, The San Pedro Sun received a call that the body of a businesswoman, namely Karen Sue Brown of Isla Bonita Gallery and Frame shop had been found inside her place of business on Coconut Drive.
Police were called to the scene, and they are currently processing the area.

San Pedro's Lion Fish Tournament to be held on Wednesday

A Lion Fish Tournament has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 19, 2011. Join the fight in managing the invasive Lion Fish. First and second prizes, as well as prizes most lion fish - largest lion fish and smallest lion fish.There will be an outreach workshop on Tuesday night (January 18, 2011) at 6/6:30 pm at the Lions Den where rules and registration will take place.
Wednesday's activities will include cleaning and handling demonstration, FREE grilled lion fish, FREE barbecued lion fish, as well as a Happy Hour between 4-6 pm.

Western Kentucky University donates dental equipment

Press Release - Belmopan - January 18th, 2011 -
The Belize Dental Department Enhances its Dental Services to Rural Areas of Central Region through Contribution by Western Kentucky University
The Dental Department, Ministry of Health recently conducted a workshop for its dental staff in partnership with Western Kentucky University Mission. The objective of the workshop was to share ideas in the advancement of dental health especially with new dental staff members. The mission, headed by Dr. Richard D. Taylos, Ph.D., M.S. also assisted with providing additional methods and necessary tools that the region will use to carry out its dental education program in schools throughout the year.
Dr. Richard Taylos along with Dr. Daniel Carter, Dentist / DMD presented a donation of fluoride varnish, curing lights and two mobile dental units to the Central Region Dental Department. This donation will enhance the department and its commitment to fight caries by way of alternative restorative treatment which is assisting in the transitional stage of moving away from the common practice of dental extractions.
Dr. Raphael Samos, Senior Dental Surgeon, Central Health Region says that the donation is timely because it coincides with the start of a new year and a new calendar of activities that will contribute to providing the best services across the central region area with a focus on promoting lifestyles that will reduce dental decay and associated morbidity.
Key presenters of the workshop were Dr Daniel Carter, Dentist /DMD and Ms Bonny Pety, Dental Hygienist. RDH. A total of 22 persons participated in this workshop. The theme for this year is “Three brushings per day keeps the cavities away”.