Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eco-challenge winners and Reef Festival highlights

While spectators waited for the kayaks to make their way to Central Park, the Reef Festival was in full swing. A poster and a sand castle building competition took place. Below find some highlights.1st place - Samantha Milian - $100, courtesy of Smart!
2nd place - Alexis Roca and Giselle Alamilla - $75, courtesy of Smart!3rd - Isolene Bailey, Ashley, Gian Carlo - $50, courtesy of Smart!
1st place- Eric, Mariano, Mariel
2nd place- Isolene Bailey, Princess Bailey, Gian Carlo, Brian and Sebastian
3rd place - Elsa, Berta and Noah
Judges for both competitions
The 5th annual Eco Challenge culminated at Central Park where the Reef Festival was taking place. Top winners were:1st place Overall - Galen Warriors - Mario Sanchez and Alfonso Ayala sponsored by Galen University
2nd place - Lazy Lizards - Immer Perez and Salva sponsored by Lazy Lizard and Anwar's Tours
3rd place - We Nuh E-Z - Jimmy Polonio and Rafael Averez, sponsored by Caye Casa
4th place - Reef Radio - Sergio Lopez and Byron, sponsored by Reef Radio 5th place - Searious Dilligaf - Martin John Leslie and Gilbert Spain, sponsored by Searious AdventuresOldest Paddler went to Galen University
Winners Circle:

And they're back!!

The first of many teams have already crossed the finish line, much to the delight of the crowds gathered at Central Park.
Team Caye CaulkerTeam Galen University
Exhausted but smiling and happy to have made it!
First-time paddlers Ernesto Gomez and Alex Escalante
Brian Marin and Ricky Marin
At the front, Ariel Valdez Ayuso
High School students - some of them, first time challengers!
(Ricky, Ernesto, Alex, Brian, Ariel)