Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tropical Storm watch for Belize's Coast!

It is raining! A lot. After a couple months of dry dusty and hot weather, San Pedranos are now gearing up for some cool rainy days. A Tropical Storm watch for the entire coast of Belize was announced today, Saturday May 31st, 2008. June 1st is the official start of Hurricane Season, so both Tropical Storms Alma and Arthur were a bit early!

Everything is wet and gray. Dive shops are closed.
It is definitely time to break out the ponchos and umbrellas.
TS Arthur is currently (4:45pm) dumping quite a bit of rain - a constant drizzle, with occasional bursts of hard showers, and sudden gusts of wind.
The predicted forecast is for more rain through the night.
Some children decided that playing under the rain and in the sea was much more fun than staying indoors!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Environmental Journalism Awards

Jorge Aldana, News Director for The Reef Radio was honored last night with an honorable mention for his radio analysis of climate change causes and consequences, which was broadcast on Reef Radio News in San Pedro.

Also winning awards were Stewart Krohn and Janelle Chanona of Channel 5 (first and second prize respectively), and Shannon Harrison of Plus Television (third place - not pictured). We congratulate our friend and colleague Jorge, and give major thumbs up to all participants who provide great informative pieces on the environment.

Children's March

Children in uniform held up handmade posters.

"Stop the abuse!" "Say no to drugs!" "We have rights!"

Children from Holy Cross Anglican, New Horizon's Academy, San Pedro RC School, Little Angel's Pre School and ABC Pre School chanted these phrases as they took to the streets for the first annual March for our Children this morning.

Having heard too many disturbing stories about children being sexually, physically and mentally abused, organizers for the march decided it was time for the children to take a stand.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little League


School kids gather at the old football field every day for another round of softball - little league style!

will he hit it?

...nope...nevermind...good job umpire!

The Island Academy Primary School Olympics!

What an incredible morning! Students at The Island Academy held their very own Olympics under the palapa at their school grounds. The first portion of the events was the presentation of the cultures - Australia, China, France, Ireland, Portugal and South Africa. Each colorful presentation got raves from the students and crowd gathered to witness the event.

At the end of the presentation, South Africa placed first and won 50 points towards their day's total. Their elaborate costumes and great presentation obviously won over the judges! But then, it was on to rally for the actual games! The kids spirits were high, and shouts of “Portugal! Ireland! South Africa! And Viva Le France!” could be heard through the air! Go Teams!

Looks and sounds like they had lots of fun!





South Africa

Friday, May 23, 2008

Club Latino

The one year anniversary of Club Latino was celebrated in grand style! Great latino music and a cool lounge vibe helped the party along. Owners Javier and Yaneisy Zuniga thank all patrons for making their club a success! Check them out on Caribeña Street!

Playground Inaugurated

Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) gets new playground!!

For a well-rounded educational life, students must also be able to enjoy life outside the confines of the classroom. Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) students can now play with their brand new playground set. Rob and Taz Ackerley helped organize and bring the idea to fruition. The children had a small reception to show their appreciation for the time and hard work they put into obtaining the playground. Kudos!

Congratulations Graduates!!

San Pedro High announced graduates this week. On the day of the announcement, students who got the good news expressed themselves as only students could: they signed uniforms with markers - leaving permanent reminders on their friends' clothing as a remembrance of their glorious four years together.
(The SPSun congratulates Omar Arceo, our intern 2008 on his upcoming graduation!)

Christening at Pinki Knox

Joshua was christened at Pinki Knox!! His mommy Elizabeth Hyde recently adopted him, and wanted a blessing with a champagne reception. Pinki Knox restaurant prepared a buffet on their verandah which guests enjoyed immensely!

Corine and David, owners of Pinki Knox, now offer catering both on site (beach side or in the restaurant) and off site. Weddings, Christenings/Baptisms, birthdays and more can be celebrated with gourmet creations by Chef David (yes, that's who Joshua has by the ear!). Add a touch of spice to your next party! Call 622-6991!