Friday, July 4, 2008

Twin Otter lands in lagoon

The Twin Otter lands
Bob Ambrose is taking a nice ride from Minnesota to Peru. Today, he landed his Twin Otter plane in the lagoon by the Old Football Field. He arrived from New Iberia, Louisiana and tomorrow will fly out to Panama.
Watch the Twin Otter land.
The plane drew a crowd where it docked at Caribena lagoon gas station.
Even police officers were on hand to watch it dock.

Sand Castles

What do you do while in San Pedro? Build sand castles of course. On the beach, we found a sales boy creating these castles.
It took him five minutes to make these castles.
He did not wish to appear on camera but stated that he enjoys building these and the reactions that they cause to passersby.

Tropic Air Groundbreaking

Dora and Stephanie welcomed guests to Tropic Air's Groundbreaking Ceremonies.
Master of Ceremonies David Marin welcomed all to the important event in Tropic Air's history.
Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation along with John Greif III, had the honors of breaking ground. In his welcome speech, Grief comented, "Our roots and home are here in San Pedro."
David Medina of Medina's Construction is the contractor hired by Tropic Air.
Tropic Air pilots eagerly awaiting the completion of thier new terminal.
Tropic Air's planned design. The terminal is scheduled to be completed within a year's time.
Other Tropic Air plans include acquiring 11 new Caravans such as this one. This is a proposed five year plan. Tropic Air has other plans such as the construction of a bigger Fuel Depot in Belize and a new Cargo Unit in San Pedro.

The new airplanes are equipped with state of the art equipment. Mike Kuhn, Tropic Air's chief pilot explained that training for Tropic's pilot were provided by out of country professionals.

Founded in 1979 by Johnny Greif III with just a single airplane and 2 employees, Tropic Air now employs over 200 people and offers over 180 daily scheduled flights throughout Belize and Flores, Guatemala.