Friday, August 13, 2010

Reef Radio Jaguar's Temple Karaoke 2010 Competition begins!!!!!

Last night at the Jaguar's Temple nightclub, saw the commencement of Karaoke 2010 in San pedro. Taking the stage were Javier Castillo, Ramon Flores, Israel Zetina, Mark Elliot, Celia De Pinto and Jeol Andino. Some contestants were repeat contestants and some first timers. The crowd was well entertained. At the end of the night, two finalists moved on to the fnals - Audience Favorite - Javier Castillo and Judges' Pic - Joel Andino!

Swimming and Drumming Lessons for Kids

Summer stretches seemingly endlessly for children on the island. With no homework, hardly any chores to do, the vast sea calls them to spend as much time in the water as possible. But what about those who can't swim, and can't afford summer camp or lessons? Well, Reverend Julie Bradley and her team of about 10 volunteers from Los Angeles have been giving a bit of swimming lessons to local children at The Tides Hotel pool, and on Thursday, the fast learners had a fun trip to Hol Chan, to enjoy what their island offers...

Later that evening, they had Drum Circle, where kids and volunteers alike got to enjoy the primitive beats of the local Garifuna drums...kudos to the volunteers!!