Friday, June 13, 2008

Open Day at Ambergris Caye Elementary School

Open Day - a day when students showcase what they have learned throughout the year. Those bits of knowledge profess themselves when they all start working in groups and bring about an incredible array of items, tidbits and ideas about the subject they present.Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) had its students present on the cultures of Belize. Those main cultures are: Garifuna, Maya, Mennonites, Mestizos, Chinese, Creole and East Indians.

Garifuna Drummers

Watina Girls - lovely dancers!

Grand finale for Garifuna presentation

Connor shows the Mayan Pottery - very knowledgeable!

Mayan food includes, vegetables, atole, tortillas (of maize of course) and caldo! Yum!

This beautiful 'Mayan' girl showcased the gorgeous colors of typical Mayan Dress

Another Mayan beauty presented the embroidery and dolls of the Mayan

What a fierce warrior! He hunts with bows and arrows, spears, traps, nets and more! This young man knows his stuff!

The traditional Deer Dance was quite a hit!

And to cap it off, the group picture showcasing all about the Maya. Good job!

The Mennonites made sure to dress the part!

Traditional Mestizo dance is an integral part of Belizean culture

Color and beauty - the Mestizo!

Organized and knowledgeable - the Chinese booth

Bright students showed those present the typical Creole outfit.

Dancing the Brukdown to the tune of Belizean Brukdown queen Leela Vernon's "Palo Palito"

The East Indian's perform the traditional dance.

Even in the hot sun, the students managed to pull off their show and did a great job. Thanks to the teachers and organizers - you did well!