Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Lionfish Found

Yet another of the elusive, most wanted fish, the Lionfish, was found up north in three feet of water, on the beach at Xaman Ek Resort & Spa. Hol Chan Marine Reserve has it captive and intends to keep it in an aquarium so that locals can be educated on what it really looks like to avoid unnecessary capture and killing of similar-looking fish.

Blood Drive to assist Annie Rivero

Annie Rivero is in need of blood donations so if anyone is able to donate blood for her, it is a desperate medical situation and she needs multiple transfusions. The Central Blood Bank donation team WILL be in San Pedro on Monday, ready to go at 10 am. Donations can be made at Fairdale Plaza #5 (subject to change). Annie's type is A positive but if you give blood of any type, the blood bank will give her a bag of A positive and hold the donated blood that is not her type for another patient. In essence, she gets credit for it.
If you are in Belize City, please call Medical Partners of Belize and say that you would like to donate blood for Annie Rivero. Or go to the Central Blood Bank in Belize City which is located next to Karl Heusner. Inform them that you are giving blood in Annie Rivero's name who is at Belize health Care Partners.
If you can't give blood grab someone who can and get on down there.

Child Stimulation Month continues

Child Stimulation Month continues and preschoolers are having endless fun. The students of Little Angels Preschool had a Parents Arts Day where crafts were created depicting different means of transportation.
The students at ABC Preschool learned about traffic rules when Carl Borden visited...

... while Yanezie taught aerobics. Up and down the kids went, kick and clap is what they did, all the while having fun ...

... later in the morning, parents were invited to visit the preschool to learn basic first aid with Nurse Natalie Palen.