Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SP gets ready for Easter

The Easter holidays are around the corner and everyone is making the necessary preparations. The San Pedro Town Council has been doing its part.
The Tourism Center got a much needed paint job.
The Pirate Ship Round-about got a paint job and new plants.
Giovannie's Plastic signs installed their brand new street signs.
Councilor Pablo Ico re-installed the now clean garbage bins. Are you ready for the holidays? Have you beautified your yard or business?

Who Dat??

Who: Wendy Portillo

What: Office Assistant

Where: El Salvador

When: Since I was a baby!

Why: I was brought by my parents, and I've just stayed. All my family is here, and I love the island. It's a wonderful place to be.
Status: Single

Reef Week re-schedules

Because of schools re-opening on April 20th, Reef Week has been moved to May 4th to 8th. Below is the new schedule for reef week:

Saturday, April 25th – Lagoon Reef Eco-Challenge
Sunday, April 26th– Lagoon Reef Eco-Challenge
Tuesday, May 5th - 9: 30 am– Hol Chan Open Day & Photo Contest
Wednesday, May 6th - 9: 30 am– Trivia Competition
Thursday, May 7th - 9: 30 am– Skit Competition
Friday, May 8th - Teachers’ Trip

Mariela Archer
Education Coordinator
Hol Chan Marine Reserve