Friday, September 5, 2008

Tele-Karaoke Week 4

Week Four of Reef Radio's Tele-Karaoke was underway last night. Held at the Jaguar's Temple Night Club, six contestants battled it out for two slots in the finals.
Judges for the night were:
Arnaldo Villas, Sherry Lynn, and DJ Lotion.
Contestant #1 - Elida HernandezContestant #2 - Rolando AlbenoContestant #3 - Moises Tzul
Contestant #4 - Ramon FloresContestant #5 - Coconut Leo
Contestant #6 - Eddie Jones

Special Performances by:
Jose "Fudge" CruzJudge Sherry LynnJudge Arnaldo
Winners are:Judge's pick (Rolando Albeno) and Audience pick (Coconut Leo)
Everyone had a blast - who was there? Find out below: