Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prom Night 2008

Omar and Julie

Peter Zaldivar and Shandelly Smith

Josie and date...

Sonia and "Chumbie"!

Alice Huang, Prom Queen...

...and Javier Alamilla Prom King 2008!

Ashley, Robin, Sonia and Marcy

Enaid and Simon

Irene and Eliseo

Marciano "Mash" and Elina walking into the prom with style!

Lisette Graniel and Jaime "Squeaky" Cowo

Sully and Ismael...

Samuel Gonzalez and date Gina walk the carpet

Ashley Keating and date...

Eni Gonzalez and Jody Leslie

Inez Reyes and John Vega

The dresses, the tuxedos, the crowd, the venue! What a night of glitz and glamour it was last night at the San Pedro High School's 2008 Prom Night. Held at Casino Belize, with a "Vegas" theme (how apropos), Prom saw the arrival of over 40 couples. They made the long walk down through the throng of screaming crowds to their archway for photos and a final show for the gathering before entering to the casino where their party got underway.

Congratulations graduating class! Viva Prom - Vegas style!

Let's DANCE!

Richie Coc and Jessica Tzib

Cindy Salgado and Immer Rodriguez