Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Art of Life: Freedom & Faith

Freedom & Faith

By Christopher Emmanuel

"Freedom & faith is tied to responsibility and consequences"

I saw a boat named “Freedom” in the back by the lagoon. Just the name makes you want to ride in it. I am sure everyone is looking for a ride to freedom. Naming a boat is an important thing for a fisherman. Many times it’s a name of the love in their lives. Other times it’s an endearing quality or nick name they feel connected to. For many the right name provides a sense of protection and faith. Here in San Pedro there is a ceremony for blessing boats with faith for safety at sea. A boat is significant on the water and having a faithful connection can be a life line when travelling at sea.

Does faith and freedom go together? Freedom conjures up wonderful images for us all-we all want to sail free and clear. Finding freedom is not always an easy task. Each person has a concept on what freedom means. But for most it’s like a boat in the wind. Sometimes the wind dies and we are left standing still wondering, other times we need to dock it, tie it down till the storms of confinement pass.

Freedom always require faith, every journey requires faith to reach a destination. We can say then true freedom is really not an all out doing without care, but the ability to make choices and in that, in this part of the world we all have that. Choice is truly freedom, a gift from the Divine

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