Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monkey business!

On Saturday while The San Pedro Sun was busy assisting the ACES crew with relocating the crocodile, police officers responded to a report of an animal disturbance at a resort down south. Reports claim that on Saturday July 19th, a tourist by the name of Laura Sutton was attacked and bitten by a monkey reportedly belonging to Marina’s Grocery in San Pedro Town. Sutton received numerous bite marks to both arms, along with several scrapes and scratches for which she got medical treatment. Sutton was not the only victim as the monkey also attacked Belizean American Lisa Ali at the Banyan Bay facilities. Ali was treated for wounds to her left leg and received nine stitches. When The Sun arrived at the scene at Banana Beach on Saturday, Pancho, the monkey was suspended on the verandah of the resort where an individual was trying to coerce the monkey to come down. After several futile attempts, a ploy to attract the monkey with food and then trap it with a cloth went awry as the monkey hissed at him signaling another attack. After it was becoming too much of a nuisance, the police decided to take matters into their own hands and struck the monkey on the head hoping that it would knock him out, instead the blow proved to be fatal as Pancho succumbed to his injuries.

Come on little guy, i won't hurt you!
Several attempts to get him down proved futile.
Pancho was convinced that he was the ruler of that porch and no one would get him down.
Placing a cloth over Pancho to capture it failed miserably also.
Feeding Pancho a snack to calm him down.

Swinging away like monkeys do, not a care in the world.

NEMO steps up!

NEMO District Coordinator, Kevin Gonzalez.
The San Pedro Emergency Committee in conjunction with NEMO San Pedro and Caye Caulker has launched a series of public information measures to better inform the public of hurricane preparedness. This week, the District Coordinator along with volunteers posted a series of large hurricane preparedness posters at the San Pedro Town Council bulletin board and in Government offices such as, Belize Post Office, Immigration, Customs, Labor, Election and Boundaries, to name a few. In addition, a set of new hurricane signal flags will be delivered to the San Pedro Police Department and it is planned to deliver over 2,500 Hurricane Preparedness Bulletins to businesses and households. Already NEMO San Pedro has secured a 10% discount from local business Castillo’s Hardware for emergency items such as flashlights, tarpaulins, plywood and other such related items.
NEMO San Pedro and the San Pedro Emergency Committee (SPEC) takes this opportunity to remind the public to insure that they continue to monitor weather activities daily and be prepared with their family plans.
For further information on Hurricane Preparedness visit the NEMO website at or you may contact the District Coordinator, Mr. Kevin Gonzalez at (610) 4266.