Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Art of Life: Carving inside out

“You are a work of art and you are being shaped everyday by the choices you make” - Emmanuel

Woodcarving is one of the great local arts in Belize. “I never pass up a good piece of drift wood,” explained a local carver. “Then I look at it or a few days till the wood talks to me. Seeing the shape it needs to be, I simply remove the unwanted wood around it carving it inside out.” Consider you life to be a sculpture in the making, you work on each day. Some days you progress more than you think. Other days you have setbacks.

On the road to improving your life you cannot stop strengthen yourself and cultivating the power inside you. Some days you will do better than others but if you cease your efforts you will slide back. Discipline is your hammer and chisel. It takes determination to create the greatest works of art. Eventually there is nothing more to achieve but the process and discoveries along the way to becoming the essence you already are.

The supreme master is inside everyone, while you are carving life, he’s’ shaping you, people places and experiences are his tools. You choose what you want to become-whether it is sandstone, limestone or shale, no one or thing can shape you unless you allow it, and that the God inside. And you never know how much you have to carve to find your personal perfection. How you would like to be shaped, hammer or feathers?

Books by Christopher Emmanuel can be purchased at his Art Gallery in The Sunbreeze Hotel, Art of Touch, Pages Book Store, Black orchid Spa and Sol Spa.