Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Art of Life - The Children's Dilemma

“A human being like its creator is an enigma”

A glimmer of dawn was seeping through the bedroom window, she hadn’t slept last night. She was upset. No Mad! Her best friend Kate had a date with that cute boy in her class and it didn’t sit right with her. She wanted to punch him, shove him to the ground. Her feelings were against everything she knew. She loved Kate, wanted to hold and kiss her since they became friends in standard one. Now teenagers she craved her inside.

Is a girl who she should love? What would her church going Christian parents say? Surly she was bound for hell. Nights she prayed to the God she believed in, asking why? Why she felt the way she did.

All over the world we have holy scriptures that teach us how to conduct our lives-each claiming truth. But truth never stops evolving. Before words are printed experience change. Our children are crying out in change. Can we meet them where they are? Love them and understand who they are becoming?

All the rules in the world can’t match truth and experience. Through the filter of time all precepts become a path overgrown with the weeds of new knowledge. In the end kindness is the only form that love fits into. Evolution cannot be contained in words and rituals.

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