Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Art of Life: Some things to wonder

“Humankind is a very small thing, compared to the wonder of nature”-Emmanuel

Swimming near the beach in San Pedro a tourist asked me why there is so much sea grass along the shores. From what I heard, I said, “The small marine life depends on the sea grass for safety and shelter from large fish. Also, they help create that clear turquoise green that is unique to the Cayes in Belize, as well as provide food for the birds and many species of fish that live near the coral reef.”
As I stopped talking I thought to myself. “Do I really know this?” We hear and read so much information. Some things we can make sense of and others we are just left to wonder: Such as; why more sand is taken by the sea in one place more than the other; Why butterflies migrate certain times of the year; why babies are born and die weeks later; why is it once we accomplish goals they lose meaning. We can all find some answer for all this, but all are in the realm of human definitions. We can spend all our lives searching for meaning. Today there is so much information who knows how to manage it all. Life is too short to spend time taking it all in, trying to understand it all. Better to slow down take only what you need to live now. When on the beach in San Pedro, just find a clear spot and enjoy the water to your heart’s content and leave the rest to wonder.

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