Saturday, March 20, 2010

Post mortem concluded on Cpl. Gavin Sanchez

A post mortem examination conducted by Dr. Mario Estradaban concluded yesterday on the body of Cpl. Gavin Sanchez. Cpl. Sanchez was fatally wounded in the wee hours of Thursday morning inside the hallway of the police barracks located behind the San Pedro Police Department.
Cpl. Gavin Sanchez (deceased)
Dr. Estradaban's examination concluded that, Cpl. Sanchez had nine (9) bullet entry and seven (7) exit wounds to his body. Cpl. Sanchez's cause of death has been certified as trauma shock due to severe head injuries due to multiple gunshot wounds. According to Dr. Estradaban, further studies to Cpl. Sanchez's body will be conducted and these will determine the trajectory of the bullets. For certain, the post mortem examination has revealed that Cpl. Sanchez was shot more than one time to the head.
In an interview with Channel 7 News, Taralee Sanchez, wife of Cpl. Sanchez, stated, "This is definitely murder. This is murder definitely, no if but or maybe. Nine times, that is shoot to kill because then according what I understand is that when they shot him in the foot, Sanchez asked him why you shot me and then he shot him again after that and if he had he and two BDF soldiers along with him, why shot in Sanchez foot and they could have restrained him. So if Jeffries wants to say that is justifiable, I don’t think that is justifiable. [...] Maybe he [Cpl. Sanchez] did hit him with the pipe because they said Reyes head was bust but then I mean if Andre had a pipe and Reyes had a gun with two BDF officers, why shot Sanchez for only a pipe. If he only shot him one time, he had on a bullet proof vest, if you even shoot him in his vest, why did he have to get shot in his head? He got shot 9 times, even in his back. How did he get shot in his back?”
Cpl. Sanchez was shot by fellow police colleague Sergeant Paulino Reyes after being detained for disorderly behavior at Wet Willy's Bar on Thursday. Shot rangs out in the dark, and at 3:30 a.m. Dr. Javier Zuniga of the San Pedro PolyClinic pronounced Cpl. Sanchez dead.
The Police Department is conducted two investigations, a criminal investigation to determine if the force used against Cpl. Sanchez was justifiable on behalf of Sgt. Reyes, and an internal affairs one to determine why Cpl. Sanchez was not placed inside a holding cell after his detention. Information as to what exactly happened is sketchy but what is alleged is that Cpl. Sanchez waited for Sgt. Reyes behind the Police Department in the barracks area. He proceeded to hit Sgt. Reyes on his head and Sgt. Reyes realizing that Cpl. Sanchez was armed and fearing for his life, opened fire.

Preschoolers enjoy a day out

As part of Child Stimulation Month, preschoolers enjoyed a sunny day, playing games.

Little Angels Pre-school played all morning at Central Park where among other things enjoyed the slide with their fellow classmates.
Some took time to relax on top of the colorful seacreatures.
Other swung and swung ...
Some played together in the three legged race
San Pedro Pre-school took to the Old Football Field. They were joined by fellow pre-schoolers, teachers and parents from Caye Caulker's Sue's Pre-school (in the green shirts). Together, Caye Caulker and San Pedro played enjoying the sunny morning.
Lime and spoon
Beautiful Belizean babies under the shade of an umbrella
ABC Pre-school had a beach day under the palapas. They had games and parents loved spending quality time with their children.
Even the teachers got into it with a sack race
Hop, hop, hop
They also had a brief fitness class