Sunday, February 6, 2011

The San Pedro Cancer Society invites you to it's fundraiser!!

Everyone is invited to swing by the San Pedro Lions' Den today Sunday for the all-day fundraiser being held by the San Pedro Cancer Society. Funds are being raised to help cancer victims that are currently undergoing treatment. Food and drinks are on sale...$5 Rice and Beans, cupcakes, other pastries, good music and of course - all for a good cause...

Be sure to pick up informative literature as well...sit in and dine, or pick up your lunch/evening meal to go...

Come by and support a worthy cause!!

The Art of Life

An Old Mans’ Wisdom
By Christopher Emmanuel
“We are all just cupids in disguise”

He was old beyond his years, slightly bent over shuffling in a two step hustle, almost bumping into me. “Excuse me!” I said. Ha! He snapped back with a wiry smile. We caught each other’s gaze. Kind eyes bore through me. “The answer is all inside yourself; he said to me, I want you to listen carefully.” I knew he probably was right.

Smiling he continued. “Never fall from love. There is only one love, one heart with currents running through all there is. This is it the one loving relationship. This love is to higher self, the divine, nature, God, etc. called by many names throughout this world. People things will come and go, but this love remains. It’s up to you to hold on to it. When you know this love all others fall in to harmony. This love will never leave you. This is everlasting unconditional True love. Love never fails. No one can take it from you.” He shuffled to the side ambling away down the street and disappeared into the crowd the city sounds closed in swallowing him.

We see people every day and we don’t know what’s inside them, strangers walk past us and we live in ignorance of the wisdom within them. But if we open our hearts and listen teaching is always going on. Like love when you really know it you are never out of touch with the Only One Love. When your lost and you look you will find it, time after time..

An old man threw me a bone… Church isn’t only on Sundays.

Books by Christopher Emmanuel can be purchased at his Art Gallery in The Sunbreeze Hotel , Art of Touch, Pages Book Store, Black orchid Spa and Sol Spa.