Friday, May 23, 2008

Club Latino

The one year anniversary of Club Latino was celebrated in grand style! Great latino music and a cool lounge vibe helped the party along. Owners Javier and Yaneisy Zuniga thank all patrons for making their club a success! Check them out on Caribeña Street!

Playground Inaugurated

Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) gets new playground!!

For a well-rounded educational life, students must also be able to enjoy life outside the confines of the classroom. Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) students can now play with their brand new playground set. Rob and Taz Ackerley helped organize and bring the idea to fruition. The children had a small reception to show their appreciation for the time and hard work they put into obtaining the playground. Kudos!

Congratulations Graduates!!

San Pedro High announced graduates this week. On the day of the announcement, students who got the good news expressed themselves as only students could: they signed uniforms with markers - leaving permanent reminders on their friends' clothing as a remembrance of their glorious four years together.
(The SPSun congratulates Omar Arceo, our intern 2008 on his upcoming graduation!)

Christening at Pinki Knox

Joshua was christened at Pinki Knox!! His mommy Elizabeth Hyde recently adopted him, and wanted a blessing with a champagne reception. Pinki Knox restaurant prepared a buffet on their verandah which guests enjoyed immensely!

Corine and David, owners of Pinki Knox, now offer catering both on site (beach side or in the restaurant) and off site. Weddings, Christenings/Baptisms, birthdays and more can be celebrated with gourmet creations by Chef David (yes, that's who Joshua has by the ear!). Add a touch of spice to your next party! Call 622-6991!