Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Pedro Lions Celebrate World Service Day

Worldwide, Lions Clubs celebrated World Service Day by conducting a variety of activities. The San Pedro Lions were no exception as they helped spiff up the Lions Mosquito Coast Park. October 8th is the official date of World Service Day, when community work is done by club members in their society.
Using materials kindly donated by (Lion) Vernon Wilson to the Lions, a play area will be put together so that children visiting the park may have even more recreational activities to enjoy. When we caught up with the Lions on Monday, October 11th, they were hard at work piecing together the playground set.

The club will install slides and swings, plant coconut palms and upgrade the facilities at the park. The International Lions Organization was founded on 1917 by Chicago businessman Melvin Jones. Currently the Lions Organization is 1.3 members strong worldwide and has clubs in 205 countries, four of which are in Belize.