Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Angelica Guevara Morfin representing Guatemala for Costa Maya Festival

She is no other than 22-year-old Angelica Guevara Morfin, beautiful delegate representing Guatemala at this year’s Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional. The five foot, six inch brunette is a primary school teacher, a model and a university student where she is majoring in Foreign Relations. Angelica enjoys reading and dancing in her free time.

Angelica represented her hometown of San Marcos for the 2009 Miss Guatemala. She took home the prize for best figure but shone when she was crowned Miss Guatemala World.

Glimmer Man - Abner Marin featured on This Is Fly

Rumour has it that these guides were the best in the country, if not the Caribbean. Local legends if you will: Men who were literally born into the job. Generations of fathers, sons and brothers have been drawn to the sea. One particular family, the most famous, is master of their realm. [...]
Tricks are learned, fish are found and fish are lost but you still just sit and listen. This is the life of a protégé.[...]
Abner is this planet’s finest bone fisherman, without equal! This is quite a statement considering the number of saltwater anglers out there but it is true. [...]
A former bartender turned guide Abner can credit his move from the dark side to one person; Mr. Carlos is the godfather of la familia and this humble man started it all. I think any man 69 years old, who still poles clients around on a daily basis, is damn cool! We should all be so fortunate.
Excerpts from This is Fly
What he has learned, Abner now passes on to his own children
Through his great work with fly fishing, Abner Marin is proudly featured in the magazine This is Fly. Based out of New York, This is Fly is brand newly launched online magazine. This is Fly completely drowns out all the fishy stereotypes and drops a whole new angle of fishing. Click on the link above to read the entire story.

Miss Comunidad Salvadorena

In celebration of Salvador’s Independence, the Salvadoran Community will hold its first ever “Señorita Comunidad Salvadoreña.” A contest based on popularity has nine beautiful participants competing for the title. The event will take place on July 18th at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. Donation boxes with individual contestant photographs have been placed around town, so drop your kind donation in and that girl just might win the title. Monies raised will be used to assist members within San Pedro Town who are in need of medical assistance. The girl who raises the most money wins. Here are the nine young ladies participating.Monica Munoz - sponsored by Captain Morgan's and Milo's Center
*19 years old
*Unsure of what the future may hold for her Nancy Hob - sponsored by Hollywood Realty and My Secret Deli
*Would love to become a veterinarian
Seleni Perez - sponsored by Coastal Express
"I would love to become a journalist when I grow up."
Yanira Lara - sponsored by Costa Maya Reef Resort
*Wants to become a model or an interior designer
Jessica Flores - sponsored by Reef Village
*Would love to be a dentist or a meteorologist
Jasmin Rodriguez - sponsored by The Beauty Club
*Would love to become a pediatrician
Fatima Pereira - sponsored by Maleah's Company
*"I would like to become a flight attendant"
Emili Cerpa - sponsored by Sun Dancer Boutique
*Aspires to become a school teacher

Amanda Ack - sponsored by Sarai's Boutique


*"In the future I plan to become a doctor"