Thursday, November 11, 2010

Miss World Belize returns from Sanya, China

Jessel Lauriano is back from her participation at the Miss World Pageant held in Sanya, China. During her whirlwind visit, she made friends, enjoyed her participation immensely, and even got to catch up with Lord Michael Ashcroft.
Ashcroft met and congratulated Jessel at the Miss World Coronation Ball.
The contest was televised to 1 billion television viewers in 150 countries on the 30th October 2010. During the event, Jessel also got to know other beauty ambassadors from around the world.

Miss Canada Denise Garrido, Miss Brazil Kamilla Ghabrise and Miss Germany Susanna Kobylinkski.

Some of Miss World Contestants 2010 Friends of Miss Belize World farewell comments:
Miss Canada Denise Garrido wrote to Jessel saying “you have been one of my closest (if not my closest!) friend at this pageant. It has been awesome meeting you.” Miss Brazil Kamilla Ghabrise wrote “You are just fantastic! It’s a pleasure to meet you! God Bless you!” Miss China Tang Xiao wrote “Wish you a great life and timeless happiness. Keep in touch!” Miss Bahamas Braneka Constance Bassett wrote “You are an amazing!!! woman….stay strong & stay beautiful! Always follow your dreams and dream big!” Miss Australia Ashleigh Carmen Francis wrote “Stay fabulous and amazing!” Miss Botswana Emma Kelebogile Alexandra Wareus 1st runner up in Miss World 2010 wrote “Stay blessed and keep blessed. Was good getting to know you hope you stay beautiful as you are on the inside and out, you are a very strong woman never let anyone say otherwise.” Miss Lebanon Rahaf Abdallah wrote “It was nice meeting you I enjoyed knowing about your country. Best wishes.” Miss South Africa Lauren Nicole Flint wrote “It was such a privilege to meet you, all the best for the future.” Miss Malawi Ella Kabambe wrote “Hey Belize!!! I’m so glad to have known a person a beautiful person like you… I love your lifestyle and I will never forget you!!!
Jessel and Ms. Julia Morley, Chairman of Miss World Ltd. and International President of Variety Children Charity.
Morley came up with the phrase and concept “Beauty with a Purpose” which was created 30 years ago and has raised over US$400 million for charity organizations around the world.
The Miss World Pageant is the largest annual pageant of its kind and celebrated its 60th anniversary this year.