Friday, April 3, 2009

Joe Clare in La Isla Bonita

If the name Joe Clare rings a bell, it is because he hosted Rap City on Black Entertainment Television for 6 years and then Clare did Mad Sports for about four years and now he is hosting his own show. Joe Clare, the TV host, comedian and sometimes rapper is working on his own television show and he is shooting the first episode right here in Belize. Joe Clare spoke briefly to the San Pedro Sun Newspaper at Ramon's Village on Friday evening.
Joe Clare after an interview with the San Pedro Sun.
Clare with the Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, Hon. Manuel Heredia.

Joe Clare plans to tour the entire country and will be here for a week. The post production will aslo be done here in Belize. Clare will be in various places on La Isla Bonita during the weekend.

Reef Week schedule announced

Earth Day 2009 will be celebrated on April 22nd. To commemorate this event, Hol Chan is hosting its annual Reef Week activities. Below is the schedule of the activities.
Tuesday, April 21st, 9:30 a.m. - Hol Chan Open Day + Photo Contest
*Participants are asked to to submit a photo of any landscape view or a coastal or marine area or sustainable practice and use of any resources
*Three categories - primary school, high school and general public
*Only one (1) photo per person
*Photo must be submitted along with name, age and location of picture and must be submitted digitally in a jpeg format along with a printed copy
*Deadline is April 16th
Wednesday, April 22nd, 9:30 a.m. - Trivia Competition
*Two students must represent each school, either Std 5 or 6
*Participants will be tested on their knowledge of Hol Chan Marine Reserve and its associated ecosystems
Thursday, April 23rd, 9:30 a.m. - Skit Competition
*Participants must design and present their skit based on conservation of our marine and coastal resources
*Skits must be original and should not be longer than 15 minutes
Friday, April 24th - Teacher's Trip
Saturday, April 25th - Lagoon Reef Eco-Challenge
Sunday, April 26th - Lagoon Reef Eco-Challenge
For further information call Hol Chan at (226) 2247.

Crocs in the Corozal Bay in Corozal Town

These pictures were taken on Wednesday about 5:30 in the evening in Corozal Town and show part of the Corozal Bay just as you drive into the town. As you can see, a large crocodile was in beautiful bay not more than some 25 feet from the seawall. The crocodile measures approximately 10 to 12 feet long. According to the people in the area some crocodiles have been spotted in that location for weeks. Witnesses are uncertain whether it is just the one crocodile or if there may be more. However, this one spotted was seen moving from around the Methodist School up to the entrance of Corozal Town. In the instance when these pictures were taken, the croc was seen coming out from under the water for more than 8 times in a time frame of a little more than an hour.
The crocs were beautiful but it can also be very dangerous and people in Corozal Town believe people swimming in the area should be very careful. The local residents are asking that the resposible authorities look into the matter and avoid people from swimming in the area.