Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SPRCS' Alessandra Gutierrez scores 4th highest in the PSE

For students in primary school, the culmination of their 8-year studies is the Primary School Examination (PSE). The years of study and hard work are tested with the PSE, and often, students find that they must prepare months in advance to do well.

This year, the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) is proud to name one of its own as the top 4th scorer in the entire country of Belize. Alessandra Gutierrez, daughter of Amparo and Oscar Gutierrez, and Standard 6 student at SPRCS managed to score a total of 368 points out of 400, or 92%. This score puts Alessandra in fourth place countrywide. Holy Redeemer Primary School’s Aliyah Marin topped the exams with a score of three hundred and eighty five points (96.25%). Placing second overall this year is Josette McGann of United Evergreen Primary with three hundred and seventy six points (94%) and Jordan Murrillo of Belize Elementary with three hundred and sixty nine points (92.25%).
(L-R: Xanairi Xiu, Jacqueline Hernandez, Jamie Valentine and Alessandra Gutierrez)

At the SPRCS, there is much to celebrate, and according to Mrs. Roxanni Kay, everyone is very “happy and very proud [of all the students].” Of the 58 SPRCS students that sat the exam, 57 passed, making this year’s PSE another success story for the island’s largest, most populated school. Rounding out the top five were Jamie Valentine (87%), Rosanna Guerrero (86%), Jacqueline Hernandez (82.3%) and Xanairi Xiu (81.3%).

Congratulations to all the students!! Job well done!