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Pinelo family says "Thank You"

Oscar Pinelo is an on/off resident of San Pedro whose kidney and liver functions have degenerated. Father of two, Pinelo is in dire need of constant medical attention and care. As many know, this does not come at a slight cost. Friends, family and loved ones are at a constant lack of finances in their attempt to assist Mr. Pinelo and see him back to health.

To help offset his medical expenses, the family and friends held a fundraiser this past Saturday at Cholo’s Sports Bar. The BBQ sale fundraiser was promoted constantly through the Reef Radio airwaves and was very successful.

The family of Oscar Pinelo would like to take this opportunity the give their heartfelt thanks to all the generous people that donated and showed up to give Oscar support, as well as The San Pedro Sun for allowing them to get the message across.

Donations are being accepted and may be done by contacting Landy Pinelo at 620-2167 or Nathalie Manuel at 665-4873. Every bit counts, no donation is too little or too big.