Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dead whale washes up on shore

A dead whale washed up on shore early this afternoon just south of Azul Resort. According to reports, the whale was seen washing up from early in the day. Azul staff drove their skiff over to identify what they believed was a manatee or a dolphin only to find out it was a dead whale. Hol Chan and Green Reef staff were called on scene to identify and remove the carcass but as of press time no one had showed up.

BEL Statement on the CFE Supply of Electricity

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Below is a copy of the letter:

Under the Sun!!

Happy Birthday Tristian! - The island’s most handsome two year old celebrated his Mickey Mouse themed birthday with family on Saturday, June 6th, 2009. Parents Monica and Edwin and Grandma Shelley were on hand to ensure papacito had a great time with lots of yummy food and treats! Happy Birthday Tristian!

Feliz Cumpleaños Pedro! - What to do when you reach a landmark birthday? Invite all and sundry to your bar of course! Jager shots and ice cold beer flowed through the night, and accompanied by birthday cake, pizza and great live music, Peter “Pedro” Lawrence rang in his big birthday in style! Here’s to a gazillion more years to come!!

Five generations celebrated! - Florencia Vidal celebrated her 92nd birthday alongside her family and friends in San Pedro. This celebration was extra special as it was a joining of five generations under one roof! Narcisa Aldaña - 72, Rosario Tun – 49, Lorena Ek – 29, and Aylin Ek – 2, joined in with the rest of the family to pay homage to Mrs. Florencia Vidal. Happy Birthday, and here’s to a wonderful life lived, and many years more to come!

Baby Rhys has arrived! - Congratulations to Amy, Kevin Wallis and Big Brother Anthony on the birth of baby Rhys Wallis. Much love from Nanny, Papa, Tia Lorie, Nick, Charm and little brother Danny!

Congratulations Graduates!
Beatrice Gomez proudly graduated from St. John’s College Junior College where she received her Associates Degree in Business Administration with a major in Economics. She will now continue with her education in Business Law. Her friends and family join in Congratulating Beatrice and wishing her the absolute best in all her future endeavors.
CONGRATS to Zamir Leiva on completing his Associate’s Degree in Humanities with majors in Law and Sociology. “We are proud of you!” Mom, Dad and Family.

Costa Maya update! Miss El Salvador confirmed...

Probably one of the most awaited events year round is the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant. This year is no exception and already the Costa Maya Committee is getting confirmation on the beauties that will vie for the international title.

This week, The San Pedro Sun presents to you Miss El Salvador, twenty-year-old Raquel Guadalupe Fuentes Bonilla. The Communication Major student loves to sing, dance, act and model. Excited to visit, Raquel states that Belize would be the perfect place to live. “I would love to live in Belize, the only region in the Mundo Maya that has a mixture of cultures and race, impressive natural beauty, San Pedro – La Isla Bonita, and I could get to know the marine life that abounds in the second largest barrier reef.”

Glamorous and poised, Raquel states that her dad has always been her hero because he has always fought for what he wants, is a public figure, singer, photographer, engineer and dedicated to his family. Having garnered third place at Nuestra Belleza Mundo, Raquel comes eager and willing to fight for the title. The best lesson she has learned so far is the in and outs of the mysterious modeling world; a world that has opened up her mind to other cultures and customs found elsewhere in the world

Miss El Salvador Raquel Guadalupe Fuentes Bonilla will be joined by representatives from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and Belize. La Reina de la Costa Maya pageant will be held on August 6th, 2009.

As well, the Costa Maya Committee has confirmed that Supa G will be performing on Friday night, Noche Cutural.
Supa G put on an excellent show last year, and is expected to be even better this year!

The Grand Sponsor for the International Festival is Bowen & Bowen group of companies (Belikin, Coca Cola and Crystal). More updates will be published as they become available.