Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Town Meeting held

A town meeting was held tonight where the residents were informed on the status of the Swine Flu Virus. A limited amount of residents showed up to hear what town doctors had to say. Precautions were mentioned and Mayor Elsa Paz commented that the San Pedro Town Council was preparing themselves to handle an infection.Dr. Daniel Gonzalez stated that the best way to prevent the virus is to conduct proper hygiene. "The idea is hygiene. Not washing our hands is how we get the virus," he stated, "that is how the virus gets into our system.:"

Who Dat??

Who: Ashley Bennett
What: Manager of Nautica
Where: North Carolina
When: November 2008
Why: People are friendly and I wanted to start a new life in Belize
Status: In a relationship

Swine Flu UPDATE - Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health
Swine Flu Activities
April 30, 2009

Public Awareness

The General Public is reminded of the postponement of all major public gatherings including the following:

*Morgan Heritage Musical Concert, Belize City,
*The University of Belize Fundraising Event – Spring Fling 2009, Belmopan
*National Agriculture and Trade Show, Belmopan
*Cashew Fest, Crooked Tree
*Hermanos Ponce Circus, Belize City.

A Press Conference is being held this morning at 9 am with the objective of informing the public about the decision.


Central Health Region Epidemiologist reported there is a total of 9 “cases of interest” being followed up. In most cases there is an apparent connection with Mexico by having traveled there or of being in contact with someone who went there.

Health Education

Information on general hygiene and specific measures to prevent infection with Swine Flu continues by Ministry of Health Personnel.


It has been reiterated that the closing of borders is not recommended as it is not recommended by International Health Regulations. Surveillance and screening of visitors at the northern and western border continues.

Cruise Ships

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Company issued a press release indicating its temporary suspension of port calls in Mexico. The company indicates that it has implemented the Influenza Prevention and Response Plan developed with experts from US CDC and its Medical and Public Health Office.

Hot Line
The Ministry of Health has established a Hot Line for the public and the number is:
629 5604 and will be handled by Nurse Augustina Eligio, stationed at MOH HQ.

No. of Cases in Neighboring Countries

Of the suspected cases in Quintana Roo only 2 turned out as probable cases being positive for a Type A virus test. However these still have not been confirmed as Swine Flu.
Guatemala has tested 14 suspected cases and ALL HAVE BEEN NEGATIVE.


A meeting is scheduled with the Ministry of Education for today at 11:00 am to discuss the PSE examinations for Monday, May 4, 2009.

Diesel & 1st Carib. Bank team up to get you your van!

Belize Diesel & Equipement Company Limited and First Caribbean Bank teamed up to present a great offer to those interested in purchasing a brand new Toyota Hiace Van. New to Toyota and new to the island, this van works for the island's cobblestone streets. Toyota's Hiace is a twelve passenger, 2.5 turbo diesel, 4 cylinder van perfectly equiped for taxi drivers, tour operators and resort owners. Lila Riverol, Sales Manager for Diesel, stated that the van was perfect for the those mentioned above. "The van is not longer and not wider than the Toyotas on the island but it is a bit narrower. The perception that people have that it is bigger is because of the height of the vehicle," she commented. First Caribbean Bank is offering a great rate and financing for those interested in making a purchase. With 80% financing for those that plan to use the van commercially, First Caribbean is making it easier for you to start working with your van. 18% interest rate and with a term of 1 - 5 years, the commercial loan will require comprehensive insurance. By providing equity on property, financing may be provided up to 90 or a 100%. For private use of the van, First Caribbean is offering 90% financing and the application is viewed on a case-by-case basis. With a maximum of repayment in seven (7) years the amount loaned depends on the size, engine and price range of the vehicle.
The Airstrip Taxi Association met with First Caribbean and Belize Diesel to find out about the great opportunity being offered by the two businesses
For further information on the Toyota Hiace contact Diesel & Equipment Company Limited located at 7142 Slaughterhouse Road or call 223-2003.
For further information on First Caribbean Bank's loan offer contact any of their loan officer at 226-3834 or visit them on their offices located at Barrier Reef Drive.

Fall in flu cases in Mexico over past few hours: Health Secretary

28 April 2009 15:00 hrs

Fall in flu cases in Mexico over past few hours: Health Secretary
27 April 2009

At 20:30 hrs on Monday 27th, Health Secretary José Ángel Córdova Villalobos held a joint press conference with Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, Secretary for Foreign Affairs; Javier Lozano Alarcón, Secretary for Labor and Social Welfare; Dr. Philippe Lamy, representative of PAHO/WHO in Mexico; Guillermo Ruiz Palacios, head of the infectology department of the Salvador Zubirán National Medical Science and Nutrition Institute; and Miguel Ángel Lezana Fernández, Director General of the National Center for Epidemiological Monitoring and Disease Control.

The Health Secretary reported that the World Health Organization alert level had been raised to phase four due to outbreaks of swine flu infection in the United States and Canada. He also underscored the WHO’s recommendations to keep borders open and not to restrict international travel. The Health Secretary expressed his condolences and solidarity toward all those families who have lost loved ones during this epidemic.

The Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare then explained that economic activities and jobs will continue during the contingency phase, and he asked employers and business-owners to maintain fluid and flexible labor relations with their workers, particularly pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs noted that according to the WHO recommendations, Mexico’s borders should not be closed, and so crossings by people and goods are subject to no restrictions. She explained that the positive aspect of the step-up to phase four was that it would allow the consolidation and strengthening of the WHO’s capacities in the areas of international cooperation, medicine supplies, and coordinated action with governments, should that become necessary.