Thursday, September 9, 2010

Literacy Carnival Parade held in San Pedro

A Literacy Carnival Parade was held through the streets of San Pedro to create awareness of the importance of reading in our society. This is the first ever parade of its kind, and it is hoped that it will be an annual event. Students took to the streets with their handmade signs, or with mascots, depicting favorite characters in storybooks .
Some famous Belizean writers were recognized on posters.
"Reading is not a race. Open up a book and set your own pace."
The alphabet - the key to learning to read...

SP Town Library receives generous donation

Janet Phelps brought donations of books, school supplies, art supplies & craft supplies to the San Pedro Town Public Library. These items were presented to Iracela Acosta on August 22nd at the library. Janet was thrilled to bring these items with her on this, her 3rd visit to San Pedro since 2006. Janet & her husband, Jim, own a fair-trade import business, Phoenix Traders, in Rockford, Illinois.