Friday, February 4, 2011

Jerry Jeff Walker auctions quilt - proceeds go to SAGA

A record album quilt designed and stitched by Sherri Simpson from Utah went up for auction on Thursday night during Jerry Jeff Walker's concert.
The high bidders were Marsha and Eddie Robinson of Birmingham, Alabama, who bid $1400.00 US or $2800.00 Bz.All the proceeds go to the SAGA Humane Society, which provides invaluable service to the community with their help in promoting kindness and preventing cruelty to all domestic and wild animals.
If you see a cat or dog that is injured or suffering call SAGA on 226 2366 and they will be there to help.

Nety Wasn’t Just Hanging Around

Kitten Saved from Death by SAGA

SAGA just doesn’t help the San Pedro Community to deal with stray dogs, they also do cat ‘round ups’ too. Volunteers and staff will travel around San Pedro and trap or capture stray, sick, abandoned and neglected cats.

It was very lucky for little Nety that SAGA was doing a roundup that very day. Nety, a tiny little kitten had managed to get herself all tangled up in some netting on a fence. She had been stuck in the fence for hours in the hot sun before SAGA discovered her.
On that day two members of the SAGA team were looking for stray and abandoned cats when they found a terrified and dying kitten in desperate need of help behind a house near the bridge. They gently released the poor kitten and immediately realised that it was seriously dehydrated and gave it some water before quickly getting back to SAGA for some tender loving care.

Of course the name ‘Nety’ stuck and she recovered to become a healthy and beautiful cat. Her experience clearly left her with a huge appreciation for human beings and so she was quickly adopted by a loving family and now has a permanent home, where she gets plenty of fresh food and water, tons of love and attention and a family to call her very own. SAGA paid for all of her veterinary costs and made sure that she was spayed so that she won’t have any unwanted kittens that might end up in the same danger that she found herself in because she had no one to care for her.
In five years, one single female cat can be responsible for 20,000 descendents. There are just not enough loving homes for all of those cats. Of course kittens are adorable, but until there are no more unwanted cats in San Pedro, please have your cat spayed or neutered. It is the right thing to do and one of the best ways that, as an animal lover, you can prevent cruelty and suffering.

Come and visit Nety’s friends who were left behind at SAGA Humane Society.

If you see a cat or dog that is injured or suffering call SAGA on 226 2366 and they will be there to help.

Hideaway is torn down...

It has been a landmark of sorts down Coconut Drive. The Hideaway held many memories for so many, and now it has been torn down. No one knows what will become of the land - but for sure, part of San Pedro's history has been cleared away to make way for something new...