Saturday, April 30, 2011

PNP Constitution and Principles signed in SP

-Press Release – People’s National Party – April 28, 2011 - Whilst Belize enjoyed the Easter holidays, a group of People’s National Party members chaired by party leader Wil Maheia put the finishing touches to the party’s Constitution and Principles.
Those involved included candidate for Belize Rural South, Mike Campbell, and candidate for Stann Creek West, Basilio Mes.Explains Maheia, “We decided to have this important meeting on Ambergris Caye so that we could, at the same time, announce Mike Campbell’s candidature. We have been working hard on our Constitution and Principles for several months, so this was really just to put the final polish on things.”
“Our Constitution is of course the rules by which our party is run, but more than that, it’s been designed so that free spirited individuals can join our party and be a very active part of it without having to declare that they will put party first before all other considerations. We also wanted to make the party as democratic as possible, with every member having a true voice. We have seen how destructive the old-style party system with its highly centralized control is, and we wanted to avoid that at all costs.”
Maheia goes on to say, “Our Principles enshrine our most important beliefs about the governance of our country. They really speak for themselves. Amongst those beliefs are territorial integrity, the absolute rule of law, an end to corruption, the vital place of education, the building of a free market economy with the support of government, and of course, the preservation of our natural resources to be used wisely for the benefit of all Belizeans, both now and in the future.”