Friday, December 10, 2010

It's FRY-day - Get delightful goodies from Orchid Tree Catering

It’s Friday – you’re hungry and excited to start the weekend. Lunchtime beckons, and suddenly, you’re craving something fresh, delicious, oh, and fried? Yes please! Well, you only have to pick up the phone and call 226-4465. Ms. Shelley, Monica and their assistants will be happy to prepare something for you. They’ll even deliver.
Mrs. Shelly Huber is known for her unmatched skills in the kitchen, and on Fridays, now dubbed FRYDAYS, you get to taste a little bit of heaven. Conch fritters, lobster or shrimp dip, stuffed jalapeño poppers, chicken wings and now, Monica’s tasty cupcakes, are all available from 12noon through to 6pm. Get all your favorite, finger-licking snacks delivered to you.
Having a work meeting? Get some conch fritters and dips for everyone! Evening get-togethers with friends go even better with a platter of chicken wings and some spicy jalapeños.
They deliver, or you can pick up at your convenience. This Fry-day, be sure to call up the lovely ladies at Orchid Tree Catering (226-4465) and place your order. All orders are $10 – and you get big portions, so you can’t beat that!!