Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Atlantic Insurance Co. Ltd. chooses its Quarterly Raffle winner!

The Atlantic Insurance Company Ltd. today held its quarterly raffle. Ruby was on hand to pick the winner. After turning the tickets in her beautiful wooden bowl, she searched deep to the bottom and pulled out the winner. This quarter's winner is Moon Dancer. The winner receives a $300.00 cash prize.
Atlantic Insurance Company Ltd. has two locations. One located on Pescador Drive and may be contacted via telephone number: 226-2938. The second location is located inside the lower flat of the old Atlantic Bank building, telephone number 226-4578.
You can get a chance to be entered in the next quarter's raffle by simply signing up for one of the many insurance policies offered by Atlantic Insurance Co. Ltd. Congratulations to Moon Dancer.

Brighter Tomorrow Graduates 8

Brighter Tomorrow Pre-School (San Pedrito based) held their graduation at Living Word Church on Sunday at 2pm. No storm was going to stop the kids from marching up to receive their certificates of completion!! Congratulations and The San Pedro Sun wishes you all the best in BIG KIDS school!!

In another note, The San Pedro Sun staff was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Javier Sr. and Javier Jahel Gongora Jr. They presented us with a certificate of appreciation - aww shucks! It's our pleasure!! Thank you!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hands Across the Sands in Caye Caulker

The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage called on Belizeans who are against Offshore Drilling to actively show their opposition to this activity by joining hands across the sands on Saturday June 26, 2010. Despite the threat of the storm brewing a few miles away East of the Caye Caulker shore, representatives of the Coalition and residents of Caye Caulker turned up at 12noon to join the millions worldwide by linking hands.
While holding hands, a chat was held, "Ail ahn Waata Noh Mix". Hands were joined for fifteen minutes, and afterwards, only footprints remained.

Hands Across Sands will also be held in San Pedro, at a date and location to be announced.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stephanie Arce is Miss Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2010

With tropical depression - later to be named "Tropical Storm Alex" brewing in the Caribbean, residents of Caye Caulker had the opportunity to distract their minds as five beauties took to the stage to compete for the coveted title of Miss Lobster Fest 2010.

The evening was filled with colorful gowns, themed outfits and the five beauties wowing the crowd with their various unique talents. Along with the pageant contestants, the crowd was entertained during intermissions by Belize City's New Generation Dance Company - with their exquisite cultural, contemporary and modern dance performances.

At the end of the competition, Miss. Stephanie Arce was called to center stage to receive her crown as Miss Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2010-2011.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BEL Reports on Power System Performance Related to Tropical Storm Alex and Continues to Work on Restoring Power to Sections of the Orange Walk Distric

Release Date: June 27, 2010

Power supply was maintained to most areas of the country during Tropical Storm Alex last night. As soon as it was safe for BEL work crews to be dispatched to the field, work commenced on identifying line faults that resulted during the storm and caused loss of power supply to several communities.

Stormy weather conditions resulted in the loss of power to two sections of San Pedro Town, several communities along the Western Highway and the Burrell Boom Road. Line crews worked on restoring power to these affected areas during the course of the night and between 10:00 p.m. last night and 8:30 a.m. this morning, power supply was fully restored to all affected areas.

In Belmopan City, a few sections were affected by a one hour power outage early this morning that resulted from a damaged underground cable near the Belmopan Market area. In Orange Walk Town, areas along the San Antonio Road experienced a three and half hour power outage this morning, as a result of a faulty insulator in the vicinity of the Orange Walk Substation.

At 9:04 p.m. yesterday, power supply was lost to Tower Hill up to Guinea Grass Village in the Orange Walk District. Line crews are currently working on replacing four lamp poles along the Guinea Grass Road. Power supply is expected to be restored by 6:30 p.m. today.

At 11:01 p.m. yesterday, power supply was lost to San Lazaro Village up to Blue Creek and Cuatro Leguas in the Orange Walk District. Work crews are currently working on replacing two downed lamp poles along the August Pine Ridge road and power supply is expected to be restored by 4:00 p.m. today.

BEL thanks customers for their patience during these storm related power outages. For more information contact BEL at 0-800-235-2273.


Ambergris Caye spared...

The morning after Tropical Storm Alex passed over the country of Belize dawned hazy and overcast. A quick walk down the beach showed little to no damage on shore.
Lots of seagrass washed up...bring with it the requisite debris...
trees did lose a few branches and lots of leaves...
families are out scoping the aftermath, and finding that not much damage was done...
some areas eroded more than others...
the waves are a bit stronger, and the water level is higher...

One casualty that was located in the seagrass was this sea turtle...
A call was placed to Hol Chan...
The young man (and shy friend) who found the turtle...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

NEMO Posts Storm Shelters Throughout the Country

NEMO Special Advisory #1

The latest update is, the center of Tropical Storm Alex was estimated to be near latitude 17.5 N and longitude 87.2 W. This position is about 70 miles east of Belize. Tropical Storm Alex is moving west northwest at 9 mph and is expected to continue on that track for the next 24 hours. Maximum sustained winds are now 45 mph with further strengthening expected. However, strengthening will be limited due to the storm’s proximity to land.

Persons in southern Belize who wish to receive information from NEMO can call Mr. Keith Emmanuel at 630-9711 and Mr. Kenton Parham at 662-4434. They can also call NEMO headquarters and ask for ACP Magdaleno at 610-0114 and Santiago Acosta at 668-4179

In San Pedro Town the following shelters will be opened: San Pedro High School (upper flat only), which will be managed by (Ms. Betty Longsworth); The Belize Yatch Club will be Melony Grinage and Maricia Leal and Ken Dyre; Evangelical Church Hector Alamilla; and Shalom Church Camille Ottley, which will be managed by: (Ms. Betty Longsworth). The Shelters will be opened at 4:00pm. The district coordinator is Ms. Timrose Augustine and her contact number is 600-8672 and 226-3651/ 3654.

Public Officers, who are in San Pedro, should report to Ms. Betty Longsworth so that you can be placed on shift.

In Caye Caulker the following shelters will be opened at 4:00 pm: Roman Catholic School and Private Homes which will be managed by (Ms. Nelda Rosada). The Shelters will be opened at 4:00pm. The District Coordinator is Ms. Timrose Augustine and her contact number is 600-8672 and 226-3651/ 3654.

In Corozal Town the following Shelters will be opened: Corozal Community College and will be managed by (Jael Cobb from Civil Aviation; Earl Miller from Customs Department; and Nazly Lopez from Ministry of Agriculture Corozal). The district coordinator is Mr. Elodio Aragon and his contact numbers are 610-0914 and 422-3158/ 3654.

In Belize City the following Shelters will be opened at 4:00 pm: On the North Side is Trinity Methodist Primary School which will be managed by ( Eugene W. Sabido from Forestry Department; Mary Guzman Election and Boundaries; Sheila Pitterson General Sales Tax Department; Wayne Frazer Income Tax Department; Shasta Gentle Audit Department; Karina Marage Customs Department; Charles Flowers Audit Department; Shellymae Crawford Police Department; and Alea Gillett from Fishries Department).

Mr. Charles Flowers is in charge for the Human Resource Personnel/Public Officer.

All Saints Primary School which will be managed by Elizabeth Betancourt from Ministry of Education; Fatima Godfrey Election and Boundaries; Tricia Wade Police Department; Sean Lord General Sales Tax Department; Maxine Davis Income Tax Department; Ian Lopez Civil Aviation; Keith Smith Customs Department; Randolph I. Young Audit Department; Dominique Fabro CITO;and Salvador Alvarado ITVET Belize). On the South Side shelters are Gwen Lizzaraga High School which will be managed by (Balita Campos Youth for the Future; Edmund Zuniga Audit Department; Jeneisha Gill Ministry of Works; Yvette Robateau Police Department; Ewart Bradley Jr. Ministry of Economic Development; Gary Brian Peters Ministry of Housing; Jaqueline Willoughby? Director of Public Prosecutions; Jason Daly Immigration Department; Tamika Swift Police Department; Hector Cunningham Fisheries Department; Jeavon Hulse? Department of Environment)and St. Johns Vianney which will be managed by (Dawn Brackett Director of Public Prosecutions; Eleanor Belizaire Ministry of Education; Tanya Peters Ministry of Labour; Ella Jean Gillett Policy and Planning Unit; George Castro Audit Department; Kenisha Stuarte Bureau of Standarts; Rudolph Baptist Post Office; Maelyn O’Brien Police Department). The district coordinator is Mr. Roger Espejo and his contact number is 670-8192.

Belize Rural will open Shelters at 4:00 pm in Lucky Strike – Government School , Maskall School Santana, Corozalito and Rockstone Pond Community Center which will be manned by the Village Chairpersons. The district coordinator is Mr. Calbert Budd and his contact numbers are 602-8632 and 225-5149.

In Orange Walk Town the following shelter will be opened at 4:00 pm: Complex Building, which will be managed by: ( Teresita Reyes Magistracy Department). The district coordinator is Ms. Suliema Celiz and her contact numbers are 629-1151 and 322-3228.


San Pedro Braces for Tropical Storm Alex

The residents of San Pedro Town are busy today preparing for tropical storm Alex which is heading towards Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the coast of Belize and the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico from Chetumal to Cancun and the islands of Roatan, Guanaja and Utila in the Honduras. A tropical storm watch is in effect for the coast of Honduras from Limon westward to the border of Honduras and Guatemala.

Alex is expected to reach Belize around 8PM tonight, move across the Yucatan Peninsula on Sunday and is expected to be in the Bay of Campeche by Sunday night or Monday morning. Maximum sustained winds remain near 45 mph with higher gusts. Some slight strengthening is possible before Alex moves inland later today followed by weakening as the cyclone moves over land.

Alex is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 4 to 8 inches over the Yucatan Peninsula, eastern Guatemala and much of Honduras and Belize through Sunday evening. Isolated maximum amounts of 15 inches are possible over mountainous areas. These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.

Water levels along the canals are already rising into the streets.

Large Tropical Storm Alex Heading Toward Northern Belize

NEMO Press Release # 5 -Tropical Storm Alex
By NEMO Information Unit
Jun 26, 2010, 11:00 am


At 9:00 am the center of Tropical Storm Alex was estimated to be near latitude 17.3 N and longitude 86.1 W. This position is about 140 miles east of Belize. Alex is moving west northwest at 9 mph and is expected to continue on that track for the next 24 hours. Maximum sustained winds are now 45 mph with further strengthening expected. However, strengthening will be limited due to the storms proximity to land.

Tropical Storm force winds will start affecting the northern and central cayes at about 2:00 pm local time this afternoon.

Storm surge of 3 to 5 feet is expected along the northern coast and cayes. Sea conditions will become rough. A small craft warning is in effect.

Rainfall of approximately 4 to 8 inches is expected over Belize through Sunday evening. These rains can produce life threatening flash floods in Southern Belize. Localized flooding can be expected in communities in San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Orange Walk Town, Belize City, and other low-lying areas. Persons residing in these areas are advised to take all necessary steps to secure their families and their homes.

Mariners and fisher-folk seeking safe harbour are advised that the Belize City Swing Bridge will be opened at 11:00 am and at 4:00 pm today.

The NEMO hereby continues to advise the public to listen to local radio and television stations for official updates on Tropical Storm Alex. The NEMO Hotline number is 636.

The next NEMO advisory will be issued at 6:00 pm this evening.

The National Met Service will continue to issue weather bulletins.

:- End of Release:-

1st Annual Furry Animal Ball "FAB" Postphoned

The FAB Ball, organised by Friends of the Humane Society, has been postponed due to bad weather. It will now be held on Saturday the 3rd of July –next week. The entertainment have all offered to come back to show their support and it will be even bigger and better. So, everyone now has one more week to find their most FABulous outfit. It is going to be a wonderful party!

For tickets or more information please contact Sharon at Lime Bar & Grill at 226-4152 or by email at

NEMO Issues Tropical Storm Watch

Date: Friday, 25 June 2010 Time: 3:00 P.M.


The area of disturbed weather over the northwest Caribbean has become better organized. The possibility of Tropical Cyclone formation in this area over the next 48 hours has increased to 80 percent.

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has put into effect a Tropical Storm watch for the entire coast of Belize as of 3:00 pm today. A Tropical Storm watch means that tropical storm conditions are likely to affect the country within the next 36 hours.

People along the coast and on the cayes are encouraged to evacuate early, once the NEMO declares a Phase.

Mariners and fisher-folk need to make early preparations to seek safe harbour, if the need arises.

Motorists are advised that increased rainfall can cause flash flooding and render roads impassable.

The general public is being advised to:

Review your emergency plans (family, community, business)

Ensure you have adequate food, water and medicine

Make early preparations to seek shelter if necessary. If you need to seek shelter, know where you are going. Make sure to inform relatives and friends of your plans, whereabouts and intended destination.

Public Officers are encouraged to be alert and ready in the event they need to report for duty.

The public is further advised to listen to local radio and television stations for official updates from the NEMO and the National Met Service.

The next advisory will be issued at 9:00 pm.

:- End of Release:-

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fire in San Pedro!!

Fire trucks were heard at the very busy intersection of Tarpon Street and Pescador Drive where a two storey wooden structure, housing Casa Cayo Real Estate among other businesses was under fire. At 2:40pm, June 25th, 2010, the San Pedro Fire Department received a call of a fire at a building located at the corner of Pescador Drive and Tarpon Street.
Officials arrived to find smoke and fire coming from the local eatery/internet cafe Full Chevere. They quickly managed to get the fire under control. After their investigations, it was concluded that the fire started from a microwave in the kitchen area of Full Chevere, and spread to the internet/eating area. Smoke damage extended to the other businesses surrounding the cafe, namely Casa Cayo Real Estate, San Pedro Pharmacy, and the living area upstairs.
The building was insured.

The Reef Radio deejays (DJ Habo & DJ Polo - y su mini Polo) were on the scene and reported live on air for their listeners.
Traffic was backed up as the entrance to Barrier Reef Drive was blocked as officials tried to bring the fire under control.