Monday, December 6, 2010

Outstanding Lion member passes

The Lions Organization in Belize and The Belmopan Lions Club is mourning the loss of one of its long standing members, an outstanding Belizean, Ali Kisling. Kisling died today Monday, shortly around 9:30 AM in Belmopan.Just last year, Kisling was awarded by the San Pedro Lions Club during the 34th anniversary for his outstanding and selfless support to the Lions Club in San Pedro and for his lifetime dedication to the organization in Belize. Kisling was known to the Lions in Belize as the “Belmopan Ambassador to San Pedro”. He was a well-liked, respected and most importantly, loved and appreciated by the San Pedro community.
Kisling was very instrumental in starting the Lions Quest Program in Belize and he hardly missed an official function hosted by the San Pedro Lions Club. Kisling will certainly be missed. The San Pedro Sun joins the Lions Organization and the San Pedro community in extending heart felt condolences to the Kisling family, the Lions Organization in Belize and his friends.

San Pedro Lions Club's fine bank stolen

A very important and symbolical item was stolen from the San Pedro Lions Club on Thursday December 2nd. There are certain items that remain a constant at all Lions Club. For the most part, the items are symbolic and used during all official functions hosted by the club. Amongst these items are the Gong and Gavel; used by the President of the club as a symbol of authority.
Another very significant item to the Lion’s Club is the tail twister’s fine bank. The tail twister is the individual who is tasked with the duty of maintaining harmony within the club during all official Lion’s functions.
The tail twister fine bank is a small bronze lion, used to collect fines imposed by the club’s tail twister if an offence is committed during a meeting or official function when in session. The San Pedro tail twister fine bank is the first and only fine bank ever owned by the club since its foundation some 35 years ago. Needless to say, this item holds symbolic and historic value to the club.
This item was stolen from the San Pedro Lions Club. Reports are that the item went missing on Thursday night December 2nd, just before the Lions Club membership meeting. It unknown what the motives are for this mischievous act and what an individual would possibly gain from stealing the item.
According to the San Pedro Lions Club Den Caretaker, Gonzalo Lara, sometime around 6:00pm on Thursday evening, he had prepared the Den located on Barrier Reef Drive, for a regular membership meeting. The gavel, gong and the tail twister’s fine bank were placed on the head table. Lara stated that the only instance he left the items unattended was when he went to the storeroom (located on the same property). It was not until the meeting had started sometime around 7:20pm, that he noticed that the item was missing.
If anyone knows or has any information that would lead to the recovery of the San Pedro Lions Club’s tail twister fine bank, you are asked to please contact the President of the San Pedro Lions Club Melanie Paz at 620-1281.

Argentine and Mexican Presidents inaugurate a Mexican painter mural

-Press Release - December 3, 2010 - Embassy of Mexico - Accompanied by her Mexican colleague Felipe Calderón, President Cristina Fernández inaugurated on Friday a mural of Mexican painter David Alfaro Sigueiros, at the underground remains of the old Taylor Customs House close to the Government House, now recovered as a museum, as informed by Télam.

Siqueiros, who belonged to the famous group of Mexican muralists of which Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco were part, painted the mural in Buenos Aires, in the early thirties. It was placed in the basement of a suburban residence owned by Natalio Botana, the owner of the newspaper Crítica.
The mural remained stored during many years and was about to be sent abroad, when former Argentine President Néstor Kirchner signed a decree to incorporate it to Argentina´s cultural patrimony. “I am complying with an obligation of the Government and the people of Argentina”, Cristina said, when she conveyed her appreciation for the generous asylum granted by México to thousands of Argentines who went into exile during the military dictatorship installed in 1976.

The President reminded that Siqueiros, as well as many of his fellow muralists, was a Communist militant who combined his art with active political participation. “I have always been keenly interested in the history of my country related to culture”, she said, adding that she had wanted “my friend Calderón” to be present at the inauguration ceremony of Siqueiros´mural.