Thursday, March 25, 2010

ABC Pre School Visits San Pedro Sun - The Easter Bunny Drops by Little Angels

This morning, The San Pedro Sun got a chance to host to the ABC Pre School. Kainie explained to the bunch of enthusiastics, the functions of a newspaper, and the people that make it happen.

While learning about the role of a newspaper in the community, ABC students delighted staff with a song dedicated to the five senses. Click play above to listen.
Later in the morning, Little Angels pre-schoolers were visited by the Easter Bunny. Children were excited to receive their Easter Baskets, and took the chance to take pictures with Mr. Bunny.

Shots fired last night

The San Pedro Police Department has confirmed that last night shots were fired in the beach area of Wet Willy's. According to the report, a fight broke out inside the club and once outside a person fired shots. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Police officers are looking for three suspects.

Feathered friends of Ambergris Caye

One of the joys of traveling to a foreign land is discovering the local wildlife. Common birds seen daily here on La Isla Bonita can be a new and exotic experience for a visitor, and although the residents might not think twice when one of these winged wonders grace the sky a tourist may be sent scrambling for his camera! Chances are you won’t have to look far for these Caribbean creatures and a walk on the beach will almost guarantee the sight of Brown Pelicans, Frigate birds, Great Blue Herons, seagulls and sandpipers to name a few. The cooing songs of the White-winged Doves are a constant lullaby while Great Kiskadee sing"Quest-ce-que dit" and Tropical Mockingbirds go through their repertoire of twills and tweets. Together their constant chorus is an age old tropical song that fills the air throughout the day.

Perhaps you have wondered just who these feathered friends are? Let The San Pedro Sun take the opportunity to acquaint you with these resident birds who call San Pedro home.

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Wilmington students receive training in San Pedro Town

Last year’s exchange program was a great success that this year, 17 students from the University of North Carolina arrived in La Isla Bonita in order to finalize their teaching certifications. Arriving from our sister city, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, for the next few weeks, the students will be engaging with elementary and high school students on the island in order to acquire teaching skills needed to finalize their teaching certification.
Well received by both students and teachers, Professor Dennis Kubasko, who is accompanying the group, says that, “this is just the beginning of a great exchange program where both countries will benefit.”
The students are engaging in 15 weeks of training, ten were held in the USA while the other five will take place on Ambergris Caye. Training is taking place at San Pedro High School, Isla Bonita Elementary and Ambergris Caye Elementary School.