Saturday, May 1, 2010

Caye Caulker Celebrates Earth Day and Global Youth Service/Volunteerism Day

Press Release – April 29, 2010 - Forest and Marine Reserves Association of Caye Caulker (FAMRACC) -
Earth Day dawned warm, sunny, and bug-free for our Earth Education Programme at Caye Caulker Forest Reserve, Earth Day, Thursday, 22 April, 2010. Our participants included the entire student body, faculty and staff of Caye Caulker’s Ocean Academy High School. Supporting linkages, including 3 of our 4 boats carrying the group 3.5 miles north from the village to the Reserve, were donated from membership, officers and staff of FAMRACC (Forest and Marine Reserves Association of Caye Caulker). The fourth boat was contributed and piloted by Fisheries staff of Caye Caulker Marine Reserve. Financial support for this event, including fuel, food and non-staff boat captains, in addition to the balance of our Littoral Forest and Mangrove Restoration Project, come from PACT Foundation Grant PF/09/02. We also appreciate assistance from two members of Association of Protected Areas Management Organisations, Ms. Vanessa Grajalez and Keri Robison.

Participants were divided into three groups, working in each of three rotations. Activities included Trail maintenance, headed by Ranger Omar Thomas; Experimental Forest maintenance including watering seedlings, headed by President Tony Aguilar; and sign painting, headed by Secretary Ellen McRae. All sessions were productive and the Reserve is now looking cleaner, the trails free of debris, and good progress has been made toward production of the signs that will inform visitors to CCFR. A nutritious lunch of rice & beans, chicken and coleslaw was made on-site by a pair of fine Caye Caulker cooks. During this activity the students learned a great deal about what it takes to manage a Reserve, while experiencing the restoration project firsthand.

We at FAMRACC wish to extend our deepest gratitude to all participants in our Earth Day Programme and to everyone who has assisted us in the Forest Restoration project since 2007.