Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Freak accident leaves one injured

Residents of the Boca del Rio area flocked to the streets a little before 7:00pm tonight as a loud sound penetrated the airwaves. A white taxi van had crashed into a lamp post a half block south of La Popular Bakery. In no time, the scene was covered with residents.
The San Pedro Sun was on the scene. It appeared that the only person in the white taxi van was the Driver; known to many as "Tico". According the onlookers, it took much effort by about five men to extract him from the taxi, He was later taken for medical attention. He appeared to be in good health. However, the exact state he is in is unknown.

Resident of the area, Sandra, informed The Sun, "I was there taking care of my kids, and all of a sudden I saw this man coming fast. And when I went to look, he crashed into the post. When he crashed into the post, the car just went that way. Like there, where it is right now. I was scared. My kids are always playing out there in the yard. If that post wasn't there, I don't know what woulda me happen."

The front end of the vehicle sustained much damage. The San Pedro Sun will continue to follow this story and update you as more information becomes available.

Southern Road Rehabilitation Project begins

Press Release – San Pedro Town Council – March 23rd, 2011 – The San Pedro Town Council is pleased to announce that approximately 200ft of road rehabilitation on the south of town has begun. This project is being sponsored by Sugar Caye Development and includes drainage. The area to be rehabilitated is the area immediately south of Victoria House.
This project will be done in two phases; the first part of the street will include the area eastern side of the road followed by the other half from mid-road to the drains. The project is estimated to take a month and a half to be completed. The general public is asked to exercise caution during the rehabilitation project and thanks the public in advance for their patience. The Council also extends a heartfelt thank you to Sugar Caye Development for this kind donation.

Supreme Court’s 2007 Decision re: PUC vs BEL overturned

Court of Appeal Overturns Supreme Court’s 2007 Decision Relating to PUC’s Authority to Order BEL to Enter into Contracts

Today, on the re-hearing of Belize Electricity Limited’s (BEL) appeal against a decision by Justice Arana in 2007, the Court of Appeal accepted BEL’s arguments, overturned the Supreme Court’s decision and awarded cost to BEL.

In the 2007 decision, Justice Arana asserted the Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) authority to order BEL to enter into contracts and to dictate the terms of those contracts. The appeal case was heard today by Justices of the Court of Appeal Sosa, Carey and Alleyne.


Anti Bullying Campaign presentation at (ACES) Ambergris Caye Elementary School

One definition of school bullying describes it as a type of bullying that occurs in connection with education, either inside or outside of school. Whether physical, verbal or emotional, school bullying is repetitive. It sometimes consists of a group of students taking advantage of or isolating one student in particular and gaining the loyalty of bystanders who want to avoid becoming the next victim. These bullies taunt and tease their target before physically bullying them. Targets of bullying in schools are often the pupils that are considered strange or different by their peers to begin with, making the situation harder for them to deal with.

At the invitation of Diane Lawrence of Quicksilver, Ms. Elizabeth Hamill, teaching assistant in the school district of Abbotsford, British Columbia, was at ACES facilitating an anti-bullying campaign workshop. Look for this week's paper or visit our website for more information.

Following the presentation, the children engaged in a fun filled activity of creating tie-dye T-Shirts.