Friday, February 18, 2011

BTL responds...

Mid-morning Thursday, February 17, a small power outage caused quite the stir on La Isla Bonita. Soon after the outage, cellular phone service and land line service were cut off. Early Friday morning, around 9am, cellular service and land lines were down once more, and for most of the morning, till around 11am, phone communication was impossible.

While cellular service was back around 11am, land lines (and internet) took a bit longer to come back. Everyone was asking, "what happened?"

In speaking to Angelee Vasquez, Public Relations officer for BTL, The San Pedro Sun found out that the reason for Thursday's lack of service was as a result of the power outage. According to BTL, their backup system was affected and a temporary fix was put on it. Today (Friday), technicians worked on fixing the backup system properly, replacing the equipment necessary. BTL assures the public that they do not anticipate any more problems with service again.

BTL apologizes for the inconveniences caused.

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