Friday, September 18, 2009

Makano arrives in San Pedro

He is officially on the island, and the crowd was deafening as expected. Makano got the warm, island welcome on the island one day before his mega-concert at Saca Chispas field on Saturday, September 19th. The concert is a joint effort between Reef Radio and The Stadium Sportsbar.

Look for more photos and video of the show!!

Love FM Raise your flag in town

Show your Belizean pride and Raise your Flag and win. Love FM is in town! They are cruising the streets to look for Belizean flags proudly flying around. Raise your flag and win! Homes, business and anywhere that has a flag is eligible to participate. You get a raffle ticket which will win you $500 a month worth of groceries. They re on a golf cart cruising around, so, if your flag is still not raised.... get your rope and put it up.
Listen live on Love FM.

Update: Some lucky winners -
Socorro Acosta won $50 plus a bag of groceries.
Their home was decorated early in the September spirit.
Golf Carts and businesses and other possible surface areas have been covered in the beautiful red, white and blue colors of our flag! Happy Independence Day and long live Belize!!

Children Parade for September Celebrations!

The children of San Pedro schools, San Pedro RC, Little Angel's Pre-School and New Horizon's, showed their patriotic spirit as they paraded through town with their flags and upbeat music.

Rolando Albeño is Reef Radio's Karaoke King

The annual Reef Radio Tele-radio Karaoke came to an end last night with a bang. 11 singers fought to the end for over $2,000 in prizes. A distinguished panel of five judges from across Belize proceeded over the judging. After a long night, Rolando Albeño took home first place. Second place was captured by Mavis Usher. The excitement of the night came when the announcement for third place was made. A tie breaking sing off was held and again both Velma Melendez and Joel Andino performed so well that it resulted in a tie. They both were awarded $500 a piece for a great performance.

Congratulations to the winners. Good job to all the singers and to the audience see you next year.