Friday, August 29, 2008

Natalie & Juliane advance to karaoke finals

Week three of the Reef Radio tele-radio karaoke comeptition was again in full mode at the hottest night club in San pedro, Jaguars Temple night club. Five hopefuls put their singing talents to test and at the end of an entertaining night, two more advanced to the finals.
Natalie Arceo, Contestant 1
Enrique Nunez, Contestant 2
Velma Melendez, Contestant 3
Gladis Garcia, Contestant 4
Juliane Ferguson, Contestant 5
Judges: Kaya, Larry and Yaneisy
Natalie Arceo and Juliane Ferguson won the hearts and votes of the judges at the end of this third segment. They will join Joel Andino, Hector Hernandez, Leroi Hyde and Wilber Rivero in the winner circle for the final battle on September 11th.
Click 'PLAY' for the video feed of week 3, ENJOY!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RC School vandalised, again!

It is a sad case, but it happens so often that the victims often resign to the fact. On Monday, August 25th, San Pedro Roman Catholic School teachers walked into the school compound to find that several classrooms and the principal’s office had been vandalized. Teachers suspect that the vandals hit the school all throughout the summer, but the most damage was done over this past weekend. Teachers noticed windows and furniture broken and graffiti on the walls and blackboards, and a most horrendous smell coming from those vandalized classrooms. Upon closer inspection, it was noted that faeces were also all over the floors of the affected classrooms.

This was not the first time teh school has been a target.
Later, police were called to the school upon receiving information about some suspicious activity at San Pedro R.C. School. Upon arrival three male persons were found inside the classrooms and appeared to be highly intoxicated with a lot of empty bottles and containers around them. Police arrested and charged Edward Andrews 18yrs, Marvin Arevalo 17yrs both of San Juan Area and Oscar Diaz 17yrs of San Pedrito. All were jointly charged for Burglary.
Teachers go thru what is left to salvage.
And worked together to clean it up and get it ready for class to begin on Monday.
Anyone who is interested in helping the San Pedro R.C. School can come over to the school or call 226-2550 and speak with acting Principal Mrs. Patricia Lopez.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farewell to Dennisito

Dennis Wolfe Jr. had a last gig at BC’s Bar & Grill this past Sunday. It was a particularly bittersweet jam session as it was his last one for a while. He left the island on Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 to Parkersburg, West Virginia in the US, where he will be staying with family while he furthers his studies at the University of West Virginia. His true dream is to head to California once he is 18, where he will study sound engineering. We wish Dennisito the best of luck in his studies and his life in the US, and look forward to seeing him again on the island in the near future, perhaps for a good jam session for old time’s sake!

Who dat?

Many people have lived here all their lives and have seen so many changes over the years. The biggest changes are the many faces of the various people walking down the streets. All of a sudden, we don't know who we pass by on the street at all. So, every week we will introduce you to someone new: a friend, your neighbor, anyone walking down the street. Six questions will be answered, who they are, what they do here, where they come from, when they came and why they chose to live here, and a little extra fun question. Hope you like this fun feature!
Who: Helda Santos
What: Cute Mom
Where: Angola, Africa
When: October 2006
Why: Fell in love with San Pedro
Status: Too single

Monday, August 25, 2008

Karaoke video

Watch highlights of Thursday night's Reef Radio Tele-Karaoke.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reef Radio 4th Annual TeleKaraoke - Week 2

Reef Radio Tele-Karaoke continued with Week 2. Six new karaoke hopefuls battled it out in the hopes of capturing the hear ts of the audience members and those of the judges.Contestant # 1 - Elizabeth Hobarth
Contestant #2 - Diane Lawrence
Contestant #3 - Omar MendezContestant #4 - Wilber Rivero
The judges: (l-r) Panny Arceo, Pamela Zetina, Romar Rodriguez
Judge Pamela joined in on the fun and belted one of her tunes, too.

Contestant #5 - LeRoi HydeContestant #6 - Demi Mejia
The San Cas crew enjoys their Red Bull at the Karaoke. San Cas are proud sponsors of the Reef Radio's 4th annual Karaoke competition.
The audience cast their votes.
Winners are: (l) Judge's pick - Wilber Rivero (r) Audience pick - LeRoi Hyde.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite contestant on The contestant with the most votes will move on and compete as the 11th entry on the grand finals scheduled for September 18th.
While the judge's and audience votes were tabulated, John Reece from England sang his tune.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tzul receives scholarship

San Pedro resident, Flavia Tzul is the proud recepient of a Belize Tourism Board scholarship. Flavia , a recent graduate of San Pedro High School, was awarded an Associate's Degree in Tourism Scholarship to San Pedro Junior College.

As a part of the Board’s commitment to the growth and development of young Belizeans, the Belize Tourism Board announced this year’s scholarship recipients for tourism degree programs at various educational institutions throughout the country of Belize on Monday, August 18th, 2008.

“Tourism is an important economic sector in our country. Training continues to be an important ingredient for cultivating young tourism professionals. The Ministry of Tourism and the Belize Tourism Board extends sincere congratulations to all scholarship recipients and wish them success in their studies," commented Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr.

Harmouch is a free man

The family of Hussein Nasr Harmouch reports to Channel Five News that businessman Nasr Harmouch, his wife and kids have been cleared in Mexico City where they had been held for failure to declare fifty-seven thousand U.S. dollars in cash that Harmouch was carrying on his person. According to family members, the matter has been resolved and the Harmouchs have been allowed to proceed to Lebanon. Harmouch apparently erroneously thought that he could carry the monies on behalf of all travelling family members without declaring it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nasr Harmouch busted with US$57K in Mexico

Well known San Pedro Town businessman and Belizean National 33-year-old Nasr Hussein Harmouch remains detained in Mexico City after he was found with undeclared US$57, 000 inside the Benito Juarez International Airport. According to Federal Police in Mexico City, Harmouch attempted to board flight number 499 bound to Frankfort, Germany on Monday night, August 18th. He was about to board a connecting flight from Germany to his home country of Lebanon.
According to reports from multiple Mexican Newspapers, Harmouch was caught with the US$57 thousand dollars which he did not declare hidden inside a brief case. Mexican authorities claimed that inside the brief case, they found 528 notes of 100 dollars, 51 notes of 50 dollars, 82 notes of 20 dollars and a single 10 dollars note.
Authorities claimed that Harmouch had checked in at section 25 inside terminal one of the new airport and after being observed acting suspiciously authorities at the airport called in Federal Police. Hamouch was travelling with his wife and his three children when the incident unfolded. His family remains detained in Police custody in Mexico City along with 10 bags of personal items, while Harmouch was scheduled to appear before a federal court yesterday in Mexico City. Being in possession of undeclared money in excess of US$10,000 in Mexico is considered a major crime.
According to Channel 5 News, Harmouch stated that he was moving back home to Lebanon after finishing his two year contract managing his brother's businesses: San Pedro Supermarket and S.P. Hardware.

Read this and more in this week's issue. It's out in newsstands now!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Police detain 2 for theft

The SACNW substation has been fruitful in assisting the San Pedro Police Department. Last week Thursday, Patt and his officers managed to apprehend individuals who had been reported to have stolen a bicycle from the area. Fast response caused the individuals to be apprehended by the WASA pond.
Both persons were later identified as Irvin Tillett, (red shirt) 18-year-old Belizean unemployed and Joseph Meggs, (black shirt)35-year-old Belizean wood carver both of San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town. They were detained and the bicycle was recovered. Tillett was later charged for Theft and Meggs was charged jointly with him for Conspiracy to commit Theft

Irvin Tillett, 18 years

Joseph Meggs, 35 years old.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who dat?

Many people have lived here all their lives and have seen so many changes over the years. The biggest changes are the many faces of the various people walking down the streets. All of a sudden, we don't know who we pass by on the street at all. So, every week we will introduce you to someone new: a friend, your neighbor, anyone walking down the street. Six questions will be answered, who they are, what they do here, where they come from, when they came and why they chose to live here, and a little extra fun question. Hope you like this fun feature!
Who: Juan Angel Munoz

What: Manager of Caye Supplies

Where: Orange Walk

When: January 2007

Why: Came to visit with relatives and ended up liking the island and the party atmosphere. I then got this job at Caye Supplies.

Status: Committed

Monday, August 18, 2008

Winner of the Costa Maya Contest

Veronica Vasquez was the lucky winner of this year's Reina de la Costa Maya Contest.
For the past three years, The San Pedro Sun has run the community contest where people call into our offices and vote for their favorite Reina de la Costa Maya delegate. Once the winner is crowned, the names of the individuals who chose said contestant are raffled. This year's lucky winner had the opportunity to meet Reina de la Costa Maya 2008 Jennifer Chiong and have her photograph taken with her. Veronica had the memento framed as a keepsake.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Reef Radio 4th Annual TeleKaraoke

The fourth Annual Reef Radio TeleKaraoke kicked off last night with the first round of six singing hopefuls.

Reef Radio's Luis Romero and Eiden Salazar.

Contestant #1 - Jaime Manzano
Contestant #2 - Roberta Novelo
Contestant #3 - Alejandra Moran
Contestant #4 - Atla Attia
Contestant #5 - Joel Andino - ***Audience Pick ***WINNER
Contestant #6 - Hector Hernandez - ***Judges Pick***WINNER
The judges for the night (l-r) Claudia Diez, Eddie and Karen Canul.

Judge Claudia Diez is an acclaimed Columbian singer. She delighted the audience with two of her best hits.

Supporters of Hector Hernandez cheered him on.

Stage Director Gladys enjoys the show from the sidelines.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Fatal traffic accident claims one life

Early this morning at approximately 6:30 a.m. a collision between a truck and a golf cart claimed the life of a 21-year-old resident of Belmopan City. Vidal Escalante was driving Captain G's cart number 17 from the Mosquito Coast Area to town. The San Pedro Town Council dump truck was coming in the opposite direction heading to the dump site. Edmir Dominguez, 32, resident of San Pedro Town was the driver of the truck at the time.
Reports claim that Vidal fell asleep while driving and the cart swerved into the back wheel of the truck. Vidal was transported to Ambergris Hopes Clinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The body has been transported to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where it awaits a post mortem examination. Allegations are that Vidal had been drinking the night before but that has not yet been proven. According to Officer in Charge Dennis Arnold, that will be revealed during the post mortem. Dominguez has not yet been charged with any crime since police investigations continue.