Monday, July 7, 2008

Cadavers found at abandoned MUAB

CNN has contacted The San Pedro Sun to confirm the story on our blog. Watch CNN for the latest information.

Warning: Contains graphic content

Interview with Foreman of the San Pedro Town Council Samuel Gonzalez Jr.

Six cadavers were found abandoned at the old Medical University of the Americas Belize compound. The cadavers were used for education purposes but when the building was seized on November of last year, the cadavers were never properly disposed of.

San Pedro Town Council employees made the discovery after Tim Jeffers, owner of the building, donated desks and school equipment to the Council's soon-to-come Vocational School. Little did they know that upon opening one of the classrooms six cadavers would be found, one in a box and the other five were discovered on the examination tables.

The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro Police Department plan on burying the cadavers as soon as possible.