Friday, August 14, 2009

5th Annual Reef Radio Karaoke kicks off!

Reef Radio, in conjunction with Jaguar's Temple Night Club has begun their annual Karaoke competition, with the first round held last night, Thursday, August 13th. The 5 rounds of singing will culminate on September 17th.

The six contestants were: Roberta Novelo, Ramon Flores, Moises Tzul, LeRoi Hyde, Helda Santos and Mavis Usher.
Hosts for the evening, David "DJ Habo" Marin and Luis "DJ Flex" Romero.
Mavis Usher was the top choice for round one.
Crowd favorite, Helda Santos also makes it through the first round.

Other perform
As Monday, internet voting will start for the remaining contestants. All contestants who don't make the cut in the five rounds will be placed online and whoever wins the votes will be the 11th contestant (wild card) for the finals on September 17th.