Friday, April 8, 2011

Franxel and Chami-Ka releases "Yo Te Quiero Ver"

Internationally acclaimed Belizean artists, Franxel and Chami-Ka recently released their newest music video entitled, "Yo Te Quiero Ver". The video features Nikki Breeze (Singer/Actress) & Shadowyze, (2-time Grammy nominee [2001 and 2011], internationally acclaimed rapper from Pensacola Florida, currently residing in Belize).

The song is an electro fused song with lyrics by Franxel, Chami-ka, Nikki Breeze and Shadowyze.

The beat for the song was created by Pecos Trill (from the US) and digitally enhanced by Deady on da Beatz aka Belizean Hitmaker.

The music is available on iTunes , and is being featured on Promoonly latin pop.

The San Pedro Sun takes this opportunity to extend warm congratulations to Franxel y Chami-Ka for their hard work and wonderful progress!! Big ups to our Belizean artists!!

San Pedro Smile Center at the Poly Clinic

The San Pedro Smile Center is back in San Pedro, this time; at the San Pedro Poly Clinic II (SPPC). This was done in an effort to make the services offered more accessible to the students at the San Pedro RC School; a school, where the students are probably even more in need of the dental services than others.

Retired Medical practitioners, Dr. Louis Lam (Minnesota) and Dr. Jim Snyder (Iowa); from the United States were at the SPPC II for four days; Monday April 4th through Thursday April 7th. Both doctors are retired. Dr. Louis was a practicing dentist for over 26 years while Dr. Jim has been practicing since 1976. Along with the two doctors was Mr. Dwayne Gemelke, also retired, who is assisting the dentists.

While at the poly clinic, the dentists provided services such as cavity filling, extractions and root canal treatments to save teeth. They were also actively teaching the patients Oral Hygiene as well as the importance of preventative care.

Dr. Lam informed The San Pedro Sun that while most of the supplies brought down have been purchased through donations, visiting practitioners are responsible for their own airfare and hotel accommodations. However, the love of their profession and the very needed medical services that they are able to provide all makes it worth the while.

Organizers would like to extend a big thank you to Maya Island Air and the Conch Shell hotel for all their support. The general public is informed that Dr. Cima offers dental services at the San Pedro Poly Clinic II Monday through Friday 8-5 to all residents of San Pedro, at no cost other than a small donation to the Poly Clinic if affordable.