Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breaking News: Shyne to be deported to Belize

Reprint from: The Baller Status Daily Urban Lifestyle Magazine
Rapper Shyne has been sitting in jail, despite being set for release after serving nine years of a 10-year jail sentence for a 2001 New York nightclub shooting.
His release was put on hold, while officials determined whether or not the 30-year-old rapper (real name: Jamal Barrow) should be deported back to his native country Belize.
This week, New York radio personality, Miss Info, reports that officials have decided that Shyne will be deported.

According to her report, Shyne's team is fighting for him to stay in the U.S., where both his mother and grandmother live and raised him, but it's not going to happen.
Shyne, however, plans to continue his fight from Belize, and is urging fans to reach out to New York Governor David Paterson's office to petition for his pardon.
Fans can email the Governor here, or write to him at the address listed here.
"Shyne is one of the strongest people I know and he's handling this situation just as I'd expect him to," Hot 97's Angie Martinez told Miss Info. "It must be frustrating for all of his friends and family; he served his time, and keeps getting all these different dates and conflicting information. But he's a soldier, he's dealing with it."

At least 22 dead as trains collide in India

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) -- A train collision in northern India killed at least 22 people early Wednesday. Railway officials confirmed the deaths and also said people were 26 injured in the crash.
The Goa Express slammed into the stationary Mewar Express apparently because the driver overshot a signal to stop, said Anant Swaroop, spokesman for India's northern railway.

Indian Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee ordered an inquiry into the crash, according to CNN's sister station in India, CNN-IBN.

The Goa Express, bound for New Delhi from the western coastal state of Goa, was running on the same track as the Mewar, which shuttles between New Delhi and Udaipur, in western Rajasthan state. Both trains have stops in Mathura, about 90 miles south of New Delhi.

Rescuers had to cut trapped passengers from a wrecked car of the Mewar Express. The car had a special compartment for women, disabled passengers, cargo and train guards, said Aditya Verma, a senior police official in Mathura.

Bannerjee said victims' relatives would receive compensation of about $10,000, according to CNN-IBN. Several other trains that go through the Mathura station had to be diverted. Trains are the most widely used mode of transportation for national travel in India.

Illegal Croc feeding continues - SAGA issues warning

In September, a family pet found himself in a precarious position which cost him his life. It followed some people to the WASA Lagoon where a hungry crocodile awaited. For years, the illegal crocodile feeding has taken place at the WASA Lagoon. This attracts onlookers during feeding time but, as studies have shown, this is a dangerous practice. A warning sign was placed on the site, informing the public that feeding the crocodiles is an illegal practice as per the Laws of Belize. People caught may be fined and may even face imprisonment. However, feeding continues.
The SAGA Humane Society issued a press release stating the following: The Saga Humane Society has received several complaints in the last several weeks about crocodile feedings down by the water plant area again. These feedings have resulted in the loss of two small dogs on the island. One of these dogs was a family pet now being mourned by a very distraught and traumatized child. Not only is this behavior illegal and dangerous, it is clearly being conducted by suspects. The Saga Humane Society along with the South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch (SACNW) will increase patrols in the area and will prosecute to the full extent of the law anyone conducting or participating in any of these activities. The Wildlife Division has been notified of these incidents and will also carry out an investigation and
remove any crocodiles now conditioned to human feedings. Anyone passing by
that area and seeing any of this illegal activity is asked to notify the patrol at the SACNW station. That number is 610-4911. Please help us protect our wildlife by stopping this illegal and very dangerous activity.

It is a CRIME to feed the crocodiles. Under Chapter 220 of the laws of
Belize Wildlife Protection Act molesting (including feeding) wildlife is
punishable by a $1,000 fine and/or six months in prison.

Lime Pizza Cook off

Lime is popular for its monthly cook-offs and has become “the spot” on Friday evenings. A large crowd of pizza lovers stormed into Lime this past Friday for a taste of the many samples of pizza. The long awaited pizza cook-off saw well know chefs come head to head with their delicious pizzas. Entries included Pedro’s Pizza, Pirate’s Pizza, Pepperoni’s Pizza, Playa Lounge and Mermaid’s Pizza amongst others.

Flavors ranged from Pedro’s favorite toppings, Pirates’ curry chicken topping to Pepperoni’s Sicilian meat and vegetarian entries just to name a few. At the end of the night, first prize for the pizza cook off went Patty Arceo, who had a ham, cheese and pineapple creation which won her a lovely bouquet of flowers. Second prize went to Pepperoni’s Pizza who won a bottle of Champaign while Jim Oliver settled for third and won some chocolates. Just little under $1,000 was raised and was handed over to the Arceo family to help cover expenses for baby Fatima.
The next cook off has been scheduled for November 6th so chef prepare your best SEAFOOD entries. Money raised will be going to New Horizons to assist in their purchase of a photocopier. For further information, kindly contact Lime at 226-4152.