Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Art of Life: End Purpose

“Your greatest legacy is held in the people you leave behind”

Most tourist come to Belize for a break. They want to slow down reassess. “Am I on track?” “Is there a purpose to what I am doing? Walking by the empty beach chairs you can almost hear the residue of leisure thoughts left behind. We slow down either to end a purpose; navigate the one we are in; or get started on a new one. We are all preparing for the final end purpose.

And what is our final end purpose? Some say, “It’s what you make it.” Others, “to go to heaven or hell,” Some don’t believe in either, but look to science reverting back to energy that never stops just become something else. Purpose is a human made concept and we need one to take a step in any direction. Even no purpose is a purpose. As you co-create it’s important to step away to get a bird’s eye view, now and then.

You make the brush strokes daily. Whatever you believe will be there to face you in the end. For me, its love, not that gushy stuff you see on TV though. When I think of love it is an unconditional energy that is inside and all around us. You can say we live inside this essence. This Divine energy communicates and is experienced through our heart-this energy is the same connected to the earth’s magnetic meridian.

Finding this essence everyday is your divine connection to going back to where you came from. After all no one knows when your purpose will truly end, that is why it’s a good idea to practice love in action, everyday.

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