Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Theft at BEL’s Buena Vista Substation Affects Power Supply to Northern Districts

Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) reports the theft of approximately 350 feet of copper cable from its Buena Vista Substation in the Corozal District.

On Monday, January 24, BEL employees reporting to work at the Buena Vista Substation discovered that ground wires for equipment at the substation had been disconnected and removed from the compound.

The stolen copper wires provided grounding for transformers, equipment and communication towers.

Works to replace the damaged infrastructure required a 3-hour power outage for the entire Orange Walk and Corozal Districts this afternoon.

BEL advises persons involved in these criminal activities that they are putting themselves at risk of being seriously injured or electrocuted. The damage to these essential equipment can also result in electrical damage to customers’ equipment and puts into jeopardy the safety of employees who have to work at the site.

The perpetrators should also be aware that under the Electricity Act, any person who unlawfully enters an electric substation or maliciously cuts or injures any electric line or work can be liable to a fine of up to three thousand dollars and/or to a term of imprisonment of up to three years.

Anyone with information on these criminal and unsafe activities is asked to contact the Police Department or call BEL at 0-800-235-2273 or 0-800-BEL-CARE or call Crime Stoppers at 0-800-922-8477.


Justice of Appeal Denys Barrow returns to private practice

Press Release - Belmopan - 25th January, 2011 - The Government of Belize announces that Justice of Appeal Denys Barrow has decided to return to private practice. He has therefore tendered, to the Governor-General, his resignation from the Court of Appeal with effect from 28th February, 2011.

The Government of Belize thanks Justice Barrow for the services he rendered to the Court and the Country during his tenure, and wishes him well in his return to the private Bar.

A statement from Justice Barrow is below:

Statement by Denys Barrow on his return to private practice

By letter dated 24th January 2011 I conveyed to His Excellency the Governor General my decision to return to private practice as an attorney at law. The resignation is to take effect from 28th February.

The decision stems from the refusal of the Government of St Lucia to pay pension benefits due to me upon my retirement, two years ago, as a Court of Appeal judge in the Eastern Caribbean. Matters reached the point where I was forced to file a claim on 14th January 2011 against the Government of St Lucia which has been simply ignoring the claim, latterly refusing to even acknowledge receipt of letters of inquiry.

Having returned at the end of 2008 to Belize and to private practice, I later decided I could afford to leave private practice and become a judge in Belize because I treated the expected pension benefits as part of my financial resources. That expectation having been removed, I must now adjust. Hence, my decision to return to practice.

I express my gratitude to the Government of Belize for the honour conferred on me by the appointment. I am especially grateful for the confidence and support members of the public, on both sides of the political divide, expressed on my appointment and during my tenure. It took courage for the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, to appoint his brother to the judiciary and no less courage for the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno, to support that appointment. I salute them.

I am confident that the Court of Appeal under its new President, the Honourable Manuel Sosa, with the support of its new member, the Honourable Sir Brian Alleyne, and its newly re-appointed member, the Honourable Dennis Morrison, will continue to provide satisfaction to the nation in delivering justice.

Denys Barrow SC - 25th January 2011

Mama Vilma's Family Home

In a society where abuse happens but is often never reported, it is imperative that those abused have a haven to turn to when in need. Having seen the need for such a home, a group of dynamic volunteers have taken on the hefty task of planning a variety of activities in the hopes that the community comes together to build this much-needed home for women, children and men in need. The San Pedro Sun met with two of the ladies spearheading the group, Mrs. Shelley Huber (President) and Mrs. Eve Dirnback (Vice President), and they outlined their plans.

Mrs. Dirnback has been active in San Pedro, having (often single-handedly) raised funds for projects, especially at San Pedro Roman Catholic School. Mrs. Shelley of course, is known for her participation in community events, providing delicious food from her catering company, as well as offering support whenever necessary. With the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, and bearing in mind one of San Pedro’s most beloved women, Mrs. Vilma Arceo, the volunteers are ready to work to build “Mama Vilma’s Family Home”. It is not just a home for women and children; there are single fathers who need help too.

Taking into account the legacy of love that Mama Vilma had for the children in her community, being herself a battered woman, the group decided that the home would be dedicated to her memory. The first fundraising effort will be a Fashion Show, to be held at the Coco Locos Bar on February 19th, from 4pm- 8pm. Local models (Recycled Teenagers) will be modeling clothing from various local boutiques and great food and entertainment will be provided. It will be a night of fun and fashion, and one that will help jumpstart a worthy cause. Everyone is invited to attend and all are asked to give their support to the project which will help those in our community that are most in need. An official meeting will be held on January 30th, 2011, at a location to be announced later.

To pledge your support, or to find out how you can be of assistance with this project, call 623-9962 or 651-3533. Help a worthy cause and let us all have a hand in stopping the abuse.

--(Printed January 20, 2011 - Vol. 21, Issue #03)--