Friday, June 5, 2009

PSE Results are in

San Pedro Roman Catholic School tops the island once more

The Primary School Examination Results are out. A total of 6,858 students (including private candidates as well as those who attend alternative schools) registered for the PSE in 2009. Of this total 6,661 sat the examination while 196 were absent.

In San Pedro, students from 8 schools sat the exam. Two of the top three scorers came from San Pedro RC, and one from MRSK (Maestro Reyes School of Knowledge). The students are pictured below:

Top 3 Island Students:

I - Gabriel Azueta – 340/400 – SPRCS

(Picture unavailable)

II - Patricia Acosta – 337/400 – MRSK

III - Monica Ack – 333/400 – SPRCS

Top students of Each School:

San Pedro Roman Catholic School
I Gabriel Azueta – 340/400
II Monica Ack – 333/400
III Alisha Cadle – 318/400

Maesto Reyes School of Knowledge
I Patricia Acosta – 337/400
II Arian Paz – 271/400
III Ajimsy Contreras – 250/400

Isla Bonita
I Walter Tut – 324/400

II Omaya Nasser – 303/400
III Mariano Guerrero – 293/400

New Horizon
I Rocio Gonzalez – 316/400
II Luis Pinelo – 309/400
III Javier Williams – 307/400

Ambergris Caye Elementary School
I Kristian Zaldivar - 318/400

II Jesus Castillo – 297/400
III Tiffany Rivero – 288/400

Island Academy

I Zachary Mattes – 311/400
II Valdemar Vasquez – 294/400

III Elizabeth Westby – 286/400

Holy Cross Anglican
I Jonathan Martinez – 303/400

II Gaspar Villamil – 284/400
III Christian Ramos – 277/400

St Peter Elementary

Gilberto Trojillo – 205/400

The top three students
country wide are as follows:

Demi Bellini - Our Lady of Guadalupe R C School, Belmopan City - 380 points

Suraye Solis - St Ignatius RC School, Belize City – 378

Brigette Ruby - Louisiana Government School, Orange Walk District - 376 points

Read more in the next edition of The San Pedro Sun Newspaper!

The Green Page - Tommy Coconut Seed

We’ve all heard of Johnny Appleseed, the guy that went around planting apple seeds everywhere he traveled. This “do-gooder” supposedly filled the wilderness with apple trees. Well, John Chapman (September 26th, 1774 – February 18th, 1845), aka Johnny Appleseed, actually planted nurseries to introduce apple trees to Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois in the US. Appleseed knew that the trees needed tending, if they were to survive, and left the newly planted seeds in the care of land owners.
We actually have our very own version of Johnny Appleseed right here in on Ambergris Caye. Tommy Coconutseed (aka Tom Vidrine) spends his days loading his boat with sprouted coconut palm trees and bags of dirt. Along with paid workmen, Tommy Coconutseed heads off to the vast islands and islets to give Mother Nature a helping hand in holding the existing soil together while adding the beauty that only a palm tree can in a Caribbean setting.
Tommy Coconutseed doesn’t just plant the area with palms but also helps mangroves take root on damaged beaches and shorelines. He knows that a watchful eye will help ensure the “trees of the Caribbean” survive and makes rounds quite often checking on the progress of the flora he loves.
With a green thumb, a boat, some dirt and a little help Tommy Coconutseed will continue brightening our future and holding the islands together. Set a great example for your kids, plant a tree or mangrove together.

Message from Lydia Guerrero - "God's Angels"

To all my family and friends:

As I sit to write, I'm all welled up inside. Just thinking of the tremendous support I've received from you all in such a short time. I always had the notion that God has angels scattered on earth to take care of some details for him. Now I know that this is so. Otherwise, how do you explain all the good that has come my way. Firstly, there are Neto and Millie Gomez, who have so graciously allowed us the unconditional use of their house here in Merida. Not to mention, our host, Shamir, who is a gentleman in the full sense of the word. My bedside nurses, Dali and Letty, whose hands were truly guided by God as they administered my shots.
Belinda, my daughter, with her culinary expertise, who tries to keep me well nourished, assisted by Giselle, my blender girl. My husband, chito, who is ever so attentive to my every need. My son, Chito, quite concerned, doing so much research and questioning the doctors' every decision. And our dear Alexis, who can't be here with us just yet, as she is preparing for graduation, with tia Dali by her side. Then there's Fernanda. our Godsent little Cherub who fills my days with joy.
Moreover, I have all of you, sending e-mails and calling ever so often to find out about my progress.

Want more? All the organizers and supporters of the fund raiser which was held last week-end. I feel your energy, we share the same faith. God is with us in this. He'll pull us through, I know. Let's keep our spirits lifted and our souls bowed down before our creator.

God bless us all,


(Thank you to Shamir Guerrero for sharing this most touching letter.)
Mrs. Lydia Guerrero is currently in Merida, Mexico, battling cancer. She is a well-known, much-loved educator and friend. The San Pedro Sun joins the entire San Pedro Community in wishing her strength to overcome her health obstacles. We also thank the community for their efforts in the fundraiser held this past weekend.

Belize Defense Force works with U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force “Operation Southern Partner” (OSP) will be in Belize from June 7 - 13 to work with the military personnel of the Belize Defense Force.
More than 45 Airmen from across the U.S. Air Force boarded a C-130J Hercules on Sunday, May 31, to participate in the second mission of Operation Southern Partner in seven Caribbean, Central American, and South American nations. This event, led by the Twelfth Air Force (Air Forces Southern), is aimed at providing intensive, periodic subject matter exchanges with partner nation Air Forces in the U.S. Southern Command area of focus.

Operation Southern Partner-Caribbean will include exchanges covering dozens of Air Force career specialties, including Aircraft Maintenance, Search and Rescue, Anti-terrorism, Flight and Ground Safety, Land and Air Navigation, and Firefighting. During their mission, the crew will interface with host nation counterparts in Guyana, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Belize. In addition to subject matter exchanges, training maneuvers will be conducted aboard the transport aircraft. A California Air National Guard C-130J from the 146th Airlift Wing at the Channel Islands, California, will fly several media maneuvers, including an over-water search and rescue jump by a USAF Combat Search and Rescue Team in Belize.

While the primary focus of OSP is military-to-military partnership, Airmen will also have the opportunity to volunteer in local communities. The Air Force Academy Band, Blue Steel, will lead community relations initiatives during daily humanitarian outreach activities, including painting the Stella Maris School building. In addition, the band will be performing at Sister Cecelia's Retirement Home on June 11, and will perform a public concert at BTL Park on June 12 at 6:30 p.m. The band is also scheduled participate in an exchange with the Belize Defense Force band.

"Operation Southern Partner is a tremendous opportunity for U.S. Airmen to work alongside partner nation Airmen -- learning from each other new processes, tactics, techniques, and procedures to increase the effectiveness of our Air Forces during future operations, natural disasters, or humanitarian aid responses. The goal is to provide expertise to host nation Air Forces on the flight line, in the back shop, on base, and in the community while building and strengthening partnerships between professional Airmen," said Lt. Gen. Norman Seip, the 12th AF (AFSOUTH) commander.
Operation Southern Partner was conceived by AFSOUTH Theater Security Cooperation Division to complement to ongoing USSOUTHCOM Theatre Security Cooperation events. The first OSP event took place in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay in October 2008.